Representation Theory of Real Reductive Lie Groups
 a conference celebrating the birthdays of
Bill Casselman and Dragan Milicic

Casselman and Milicic


June 4 to June 8, 2006
at the Snowbird Mountain Resort, Utah
Conference poster: letter size (350kb pdf) or larger size (1.1Mb pdf)

The goal of this conference was to summarize the outstanding problems in real Lie groups, particularly those with arithmetic applications, and offer a forward-looking view toward solving them. The conference was organized around four primary lecture series:
Jeffrey Adams
(Maryland) with the assistance of Fokko du Cloux (Lyon), Computing with real reductive groups, abstract, slides, notes
Jean-Pierre Labesse (Marseilles), Endoscopy, abstract, notes
Wilfried Schmid
(Harvard), The Rankin-Selberg method for automorphic distributions, abstract, expository paper (with S. Miller)
David Vogan
(MIT), Arthur's conjectures for unitary representations, abstract, slides

In addition, there were a number of supplementary lectures (whose content was closely related to the main lecture series):

Dan Barbasch (Cornell), Construction of unipotent representations
Dan Ciubotaru (MIT), Spherical unitary representations for split groups, abtract, slides
Werner Hoffmann (Bielefeld), Weighted orbital integrals, abstract, slides
Ivan Mirkovic (Massachusetts), D-modules in various characteristics and Langlands duality, abstract
Wulf Rossmann (Ottawa), Some special discrete groups of linear transformations, abstract, slides
Diana Shelstad (Rutgers), Twisted endoscopy, slides (revised 6/21)
Kari Vilonen (Northwestern), Geometric methods in representation theory

The conference followed a two-week graduate minicourse devoted to the theory of SL(2,R) held at the University of Utah from May 21 - June 2. For details related to the minicourse, please click here.

Though unfortunately unable to attend, Jim Arthur contributed a list of ten problems for real groups:
Problems for Real Groups (by J. Arthur).

Organizing Committee:

James Arthur (Toronto)
Wilfried Schmid (Harvard)
Peter Trapa (Utah)

Funding for the conference was provided by a grant from the NSF.