Department of Mathematics

Tranformational Geometry

Math 5270

The Master Plan

A Reading List

Student Lesson Plans (by popular demand)

Brooke's Lesson Plan (Using Matrices to Transform)

Additional Brooke Material

Even More Brooke Material

Charlotte's Lesson Plan (Cyclic and Dihedral Symmetry)

Charlotte's Lesson Plan (Another Version)

Dave's Lesson Plan (Fun with Vectors)

Emre's Lesson Plan (Matrix Transformations)

Heather's Lesson Plan (The Law of Cosines)

Jennifer's Lesson Plan (Patterns)

Jessica's Lesson Plan (The Law of Sines)

Additional Jessica Material

Merilee's Lesson Plan (Rotations and Reflections)

Merry's Lesson Plan (The Complex Numbers)

Micki's Lesson Plan (Transformations with Geogebra)

Shae's Lesson Plan (Rotations and Reflections)

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