Mathematical Aspects of Material Sciences

Faculty involved

Andrej Cherkaev, Elena Cherkaev, Yekaterina Epshteyn, Ken Golden, Fernando Guevara Vasquez, Graeme W. Milton, Braxton Osting, Andrejs Treibergs

unimode1.png   unimode2.png   unimode3.png   unimode4.png

Examples of unimode materials (from “Complete characterization of the macroscopic deformations of periodic unimode metamaterials of rigid bars and pivots” by Graeme W. Milton).

str1.png str2.png str3.png str4.png

Examples of exact structures (courtesy of Andrej Cherkaev and Elena Cherkaev).

Polycrystalline material Grain Boundary Character Distribution

Two dimensional computational model for a polycrystalline materials and comparison of the empirical distribution - Grain Boundary Character Distribution (GBCD) (characteristics of the texture of the boundary networks in polycrystalline materials) versus Boltzmann distribution (from “A Theory and Challenges for Coarsening in Microstructure” by K.Barmak, E.Eggeling, M.Emelianenko, Y.Epshteyn, D.Kinderlehrer, R.Sharp and S. Ta’asan).

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