Fernando Guevara Vasquez


a photo of myself
I am a Professor in the Mathematics Department at the University of Utah. I work in applied mathematics, focussing on inverse problems, cloaking, optics and control of small particles using sound.

For more details about my work, please see: research

Contact information

Office: JWB 330 (see map)
Phone number: +1-801-581-6131
Email: fguevara(AT)math.utah.edu
Office Hours: By appointment only.


A complete resume/curriculum is available here: resume.pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your last name?

My last name is "Guevara Vasquez". This is a last name composed of two words and should be indexed with the letter "G". Such composed last names are commonly used in El Salvador, the country I am originally from, and in other Spanish-speaking countries.

Is "Guevara" a middle name?


When I use bibtex for my bibliography I keep getting "F. G. Vasquez". What can I do to display your last name correctly?

First thank you for paying attention to this and for willing to cite my work. The easiest workaround to force Latex to display my last name in two words is to write in your bibtex file


The tilde character is rendered as a whitespace with no line break. Another option is to write the author field in the format

Guevara Vasquez, Fernando \and LAST NAME, FIRST NAME

Why do you have an FAQ on this?

Because I do get this question and I do see my last name miswritten pretty often in citations.