AG/CA Paper Reading Seminar

Spring 2016 — Thursdays 2 - 3+ PM, location LCB 323


  • These talks should be on recent papers written by other people.
  • Graduate students are encouraged to present papers directly related to their own research projects.
  • Postdocs and faculty are asked to speak on papers not directly related to their previous research.

    Date Speaker Title — click for abstract (if available)
    January 21 Everyone
    University of Utah
    Organizational meeting
    January 28 Linquan Ma
    University of Utah
    Vanishing of the higher direct images of the structure sheaf
    arXiv:1404.1827, Paper by Andre Chatzistamatiou and Kay Rülling
    February 4 Katrina Honigs
    (Special Time, 1:30)
    (Special Place LCB 222)
    University of Utah
    A characterization of ordinary abelian varieties by the Frobenius push-forward of the structure sheaf
    (Special Time, 1:30)
    (Special Place LCB 222)
    arXiv:1411.5294, Paper by Akiyoshi Sannai and Hiromu Tanaka
    February 11 Adam Boocher
    University of Utah
    Supernatural analogues of Beilinson monads
    arXiv:1506.07558, Paper by Daniel Erman and Steven V Sam
    February 18 Ian Shipman
    University of Utah
    Geometricity for derived categories of algebraic stacks
    arXiv:1601.04465, Paper by Daniel Bergh, Valery A. Lunts and Olaf M. Schnürer
    February 25 Yuan Wang
    University of Utah
    A note on the abundance conjecture
    arXiv:1406.6554, Paper by Tobian Dorsch and Vladimir Lazic
    March 3 Eric Canton
    University of Nebraska
    The augmented base locus of real divisors over arbitrary fields
    arXiv:1312.0239, Paper by Caucher Birkar
    March 10 No talk this week.
    March 17 Spring Break
    March 24 Yu-Chao Tu
    Toward the structure of fibered fundamental groups of projective varieties
    arXiv:1510.07692, Paper by Donu Arapura
    March 31 Tiankai Liu
    University of Utah
    Algebraic approximation of Kahler threefolds of Kodaira dimension zero
    arXiv:1601.04307, Paper by Patrick Graf
    April 7 Joaquin Moraga
    University of Utah
    Polyhedral Divisors and Algebraic Torus Actions
    arXiv:0306285, Paper by Klaus Altmann and Juergen Hausen
    April 14 No meeting this week
    April 21 Andrew Bydlon
    University of Utah
    Bertini theorems for F-singularities
    arXiv:1112.2161, Paper by Karl Schwede and Wenliang Zhang
    April 28 Hamid Hassanzadeh
    University of Utah
    On the number of generators of ideals in Polynomial ring
    arXiv:1507.05734, Paper by Jean Fasel

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