Hugo Rossi

Professor Emeritus of Mathematics
JWB 130 (The Fife and Horn)
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Math 1050 College Algebra (SLCSE) (4 credits)

Class Time and Place: Jan 7 - May, 2013, (Monday), 4-6:30 pm, SLCSE

Math 6080: Topics in the History of Mathematics (3 credits)

Class Time and Place: Summer 2013 TBD

Office Hours: By appointment, please call 581-6819 or email

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Math 1050 College Algebra (SLCSE):

This will be a problem driven course based on Geometry and Algebra 2, emphasizing the understanding of functions and operations as they are to be understood in Calculus and other advanced subjects.

There will be weekly assignments, given in each Monday class, due the following Monday. These, and other notes, will be posted on this webpage, with access as below.


Lesson 1 Quadratic Functions       Solutions: Lesson 1 Problems 1-8

Lesson 2 Sequences

Useful links you can download a full text for Math 1050. During the course, specific readings will be recommended. a different approach to the same materials.


Materials from other Courses

Topics in Analysis, Summer 2011 textbook:

Advanced Calculus, by Hugo Rossi


Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8




Calculus Notes

The following links are for instructors or students interested in supplementary material for courses in the Calculus sequence. To access the materials for the online Calculus sequence, go to the first row of links. In particular to access practice problem sets, with worked solutions, scroll down toward the end of the page on those linksing the course, specific readings will be recommended. the link below.

Math 1210: Calculus I Online        Calculus I Notes        Notes on Polynomial Calculus       Problems on Polynomial Calculus

Math 1220: Calculus II Online         Calculus II Notes

Math 2210: Calculus III Online        Calculus III Notes