Recent e-prints

These e-prints are available as postscript or pdf files.

1. P. Roberts, Recent developments on Serre's multiplicity conjectures: Gabber's proof of the nonnegativity conjecture. postscript.

2. P. Roberts and K. Kurano, Adams operations, localized Chern characters, and the positivity of Dutta multiplicity in characteristic 0. postscript.

3. P. Roberts and K. Kurano, The positivity of intersection multiplicities and symbolic powers of prime ideals. postscript.

4. P. Roberts, Intersection Multiplicities and Hilbert Polynomials. postscript

5. P. Roberts and V. Srinivas, Modules of finite length and finite projective dimension. postscript

6. P. Roberts, Heitmann's proof of the direct summand conjecture in dimension 3. postscript

7. P. Roberts, Cycles and Commutative Algebra. postscript

8. P. Roberts and G. Piepmeyer, Constructing modules of finite projective dimension with prescribed intersection multiplicities. pdf

9. P. Roberts, A. Singh, and V. Srinivas, The annihilator of local cohomology in characteristic zero. pdf

10. P. Roberts, Almost regular sequences and the Monomial Conjecture. pdf

11. P. Roberts and S. Spiroff, An algebraic proof of the commutativity of intersection with divisors. pdf

12. P. Roberts, The root closure of a ring of mixed characteristic. pdf

13. P. Roberts, Fontaine rings and local cohomology. pdf

14. P. Roberts, The Homological Conjectures pdf

15. P. Roberts, Local cohomology of Segre product type rings. pdf

16. P. Roberts, The equivalence of two forms of the Canonical Element Conjecture. pdf

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