Journal Publications

  1. Robert L. Schmidt, Ryleigh A. Moore, Lauren N. Pearson, "The costs and benefits of cross-level quality control rules", Clinica Chimica Acta, Volume 510, 2020, Pages 697-702, ISSN 0009-8981,

  2. Ryleigh A. Moore, Jacob B. Jones, Dane Gollero, Courtenay Strong, Kenneth M. Golden, "Saddle Points of the Sea Ice Surface and the Fractal Geometry of Arctic Melt Ponds". (2021, Submitted)

  3. Ryleigh A. Moore, Akil Narayan, "Adaptive Density Tracking by Quadrature for Stochastic Differential Equations", arXiv:2105.08148[math.NA]. (2021, Submitted)

  4. Ryleigh A. Moore, Robert L. Schmidt, Ryan A. Metcalf, "The impact of the sample time of secondary bacterial culture on the risk of exposure to contaminated platelet components: A mathematical analysis", Transfusion, Volume 61, 2021, Issue 3, ISSN 0041-1132,

  5. Ryleigh A. Moore, Robert L. Schmidt, Ryan A. Metcalf, "In reply: Window periods for secondary bacterial culture of platelets according to FDA guidance", Transfusion, Volume 61, 2021, Issue 4, ISSN 0041-1132,

Technical Reports

  1. Jorge Arce-Garro, Taewon Cho, Hye Rin Lindsay Lee, Ryleigh Moore, Risa R. Sayre, Yao Xuan, Zitong Zhou, Mentors: Matthew Farthing, Tyler Hesser, Harry Lee, "Coastal Imagery Analysis and Breaking Wave Type Estimation with Machine Learning", Twenty-fifth Mathematical and Statistical Modeling Workshop for Graduate Students, 2019. Here is a link to our chapter in the report.

  2. Ryleigh Moore, Michel Tsamados, Igor Vasilevich, Thea Schneider, Lisa Craw, Ian Raphael, Don Perovich, "Seasonal ice mass balance (SIMB3) buoys", chapter 2.5 in the report by Krumpen, T. and Sokolov, V. (2020): The Expedition AF122/1 : Setting up the MOSAiC Distributed Network in October 2019 with Research Vessel AKADEMIK FEDOROV, Berichte zur Polar- und Meeresforschung = Reports on polar and marine research, Bremerhaven, Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, 744, 119 p. doi: 10.2312/BzPM_0744_2020.

  3. Ryleigh A. Moore and Marissa Torres, "Characterization of Seasonal Variability in Tides", NSF MSGI Internship, 2020
This work was a product of NSF MSGI in partnership with an ERDC/CRREL mentor and did not complete any formal ERDC/CRREL technical or editing review.

Conference Proceedings

  1. Golden, K., Bowen, B., Ma, Y., Moore, R., Strong, C., and Sudakov, I.: Modeling the geometry of melt ponds on Arctic sea ice, EGU General Assembly 2020, Online, 4–8 May 2020, EGU2020-5812,, 2020

  2. Perovich, D., Raphael, I., Moore, R., and Clemens-Sewall, D.: Autonomous observations of sea ice mass balance during MOSAiC, EGU General Assembly 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-5748,, 2021.

Conferences Attended

  • ICERM Computational Statistics and Data-Driven Models (April 2020)
  • ICERM Algorithms for Dimension and Complexity Reduction (March 2020)
  • The Second SIAM Wasatch Student Chapters Conference - Utah State University (April 2019)
  • Seminar on Stochastic Processes - U of Utah (March 2019)

Inerviews & Blogs