MOSAiC Arctic Expedition

"In September 2019 the German research icebreaker Polarstern will depart from Tromsø, Norway and, once it has reached its destination, will spend the next year drifting through the Arctic Ocean, trapped in the ice. A total of 600 people from 17 countries, who will be supplied by other icebreakers and aircraft, will participate in the expedition – and several times that number of researchers will subsequently use the data gathered to take climate and ecosystem research to the next level. The mission will be spearheaded by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI)". Read more about this amazing expedition at

I was selected as 1 of 20 graduate students from around the world the participate in the MOSAiC School during the first month and a half of the expedition. I am only 1 of 3 students from the United States and the only mathematician accepted into the school. During our time in the Arctic, we will have the opportunity to help set up a distributed network that will be used to collect data during the expedition. Read more about the MOSAiC School here.

Below are some videos explainging my research and showcasing my MOSAiC expedition experience.

Interviews and Publications