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The course 5420-1 for Spring 2008 is run as a working seminar which studies the textbook by Robinson "Dynamical Systems".

Differential Equations 5420 Documents 2008

  1. Gustafson's 5420 course syllabus Spring 2008
    pdf postscript syllabus (130k)
    Undergraduate Dynamical Systems, Robinson
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  2. 5420 How to improve submitted work: some ideas
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Documents for 5420 Spring 2008

  1. Contributed lectures S2008 publish notes and computer code here.

Documents from 5420 Spring 2005

  1. Jason Henline's notes on the Abel-Liouville proof.
    PDF source, 2 pages.
  2. Al Tanner's notes on generalized eigenvectors.
    PDF source, 2 pages.
  3. Thim Le's maple code.
    Le's maple code Ex 2.2.2
    Le's Maple Code Ex 2.2.3
    Le's Maple Code Ex 2.2.4
    Le's Maple Code Ex 2.2.5
    Le's Maple Code Ex 2.2.6
    Le's Maple Code Ex 2.2.8-2
    Le's Maple Code Ex 2.2.11
  4. Thim Le, Vertical Hopf Animation, Example 6.4.7
    Vertical Hopf Animation Maple Code for 6.4.7
  5. Karsten M, notes on Lipschitz Condition and differentiability.
    PDF source, 4 pages (0.4mb).
  6. Al Tanner's notes on chemostats.
    PDF source, 8 pages (1.8mb).

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