Math 3210-001, Summer 2016
Foundations of Analysis, University of Utah
Course Syllabus

Instructor: Davar Khoshnevisan (Contact Information)
Time/Place: MTWH 8:45-9:45 a.m., Leroy Cowles Building/LCB, Room 219 (Google Map)
Text: Foundations of Analysis by Joseph L. Taylor, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI 2012
Description: For many of the students of this topic, this is a first course in university-level, modern mathematics. The purpose of the course is to learn how to form correct, rational arguments ["proofs"]. This is done in the context of a rigorous development of calculus of functions of one variable. Particular emphasis is placed on constructing correct, logically-sound derivations and arguments. We will cover the material of chapters 1 through 5 of the textbook, and also chapter 6 if time permits.
No of Credits: Four
Dates: May 16 through August 3, 2016
Grading: The students' final grades will be computed from the following formula:
  • Attendance (5%)
  • Weekly assignments (lowest 2 dropped; 10% total)
  • Three mid term examinations (lowest dropped; 25% each for top two exams)
  • A comprehensive final examination (35%)
Attendance: Attendance is recorded on random days.
Problem Session: Regular lectures are held on MWH. Problem sessions are held on Tuesdays, when students are asked to present problems on the blackboard. Students who volunteer to present a problem in a session will receive 100% on that week's homework set.
Assignments: To access the most-recent version of the homework problems click on "Assignments" at the bottom of this page. Homework is assigned weekly, together with explicit in-class due dates. A subset of the problems are graded weekly.

Late homework is not accepted.

Exams: There are no make-up examinations in this course, and the midterm exams are not comprehensive.

Date Time Place
Midterm 1Thursday June 2 8:45-9:45 amLCB 219 Solution
Midterm 2 Thursday June 23 8:45-9:45 amLCB 219 Solution
Midterm 3 Thursday July 14 8:45-9:45 amLCB 219 Solution
Final Thursday August 4 7:30-9:30 amLCB 219 Solution
Important Dates: Some important University dates and deadlines that you need to know about (Weblink)
Seeking Help: To find help, the students are encouraged to visit the instructor during the designated drop-in office hours (web link) and/or schedule an appointment (web link) a few days in advance.

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