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Math 4800

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Math 4800

As of Fall 2013 this webpage is no longer being updated. For up to date information on our REU program, please visit this link.

Fall 2013 Math 4800

Inquiry Into Mathematics, Instructor: Steffen Marcus (time and location TBA)
Description:This course gives a problem-based introduction to the methods of mathematical research with a focus on topics within discrete mathematics, algebra, and geometry. Through a combination of lectures, problem-sessions and projects we will take a look at various examples of how mathematical theory can build from asking simple questions and generalizing. Topics will vary from week to week. A small sampling includes: special numbers, the map colour problem, incompleteness, projective geometry...

Past Math 4800 (formerly Math 4950)

Spring 2013: Polynomials, Instructor: Aaron Bertram

Description: This course will be a mixture of algebraic geometry, number theory and some topics of a contemporary nature. It is about polynomials in one and several variables: their algebraic properties, the geometry of their real, complex and tropical solution sets, and the number theory of their rational and integer solution sets. Polynomials have fascinated mathematicians for thousands of years, and yet most people probably can't say a single intelligent thing about them. You will have lots to say after taking this course.

Fall 2012: The Mathematics of Disease
Instructor: Fred Adler

Fall 2011: Introdution to Tropical Geometry
Instructor: Tommaso de Fernex

Fall 2010: To A_D_E and Beyond; Dynkin Diagram and Classifications
Instructor: Aaron Bertram

Spring 2010: Symmetry & Goups
Instructor: Sarah Kitchen

Fall 2009: Metamaterials and cloaking theory
Instructor: Daniel Onofrei

Spring 2009: Graph Theory
Instructor: William Malone

Fall 2008: Random Walk: Modeling, Theory, and Applications
Instructor: Firas Rassoul-Agha

Spring 2008: Knot Theory
Instructor: Dan Margalit

Fall 2007: Metric Spaces, The Contraction Mapping Principle, Fractals & Other Applications
Instructor: Klaus Schmitt

Spring 2007: Fractals
Instructor: Elena Cherkaev

Fall 2006: Topics in Mathematical Finance
Instructor: Jingyi Zhu