Mathematical Biology Journal Club

Fall 2014
Monday and Wednesday, 12:50-1:50 pm, in LCB 322.

Date Presenter and paper Snacks
September 8 Dr. Keener
"A molecular ruler mechanism for length control of extended protein structures in bacteria", Keener, 2010.
"An infrequent molecular ruler controls flagellar hook length in Salmonella enterica", Erhardt el al., 2011.
September 10 Aaron Fogelson ...
September 15 Sam
"Interareal coupling reduces encoding variability in multi-area models of spatial working memory", Kilpatrick, 2013.
September 17 Greg
"Ephaptic coupling in cardiac myocytes", Lin and Keener, 2013.
September 22 Kyle
"Dynamic cross-regulation of antigen-specific effector and regulatory T cell subpopulations and microglia in brain autoimmunity", Martinez-Pasamar et al., 2013.
September 24 Ryan
"Representational capacity of face coding in monkeys", Abbott et al., 1996.
September 29 Chris
"Digit patterning during limb development as a result of the BMP-receptor interaction", Badugu et al., 2012.
October 1 Andy
"Tension of red blood cell membrane in simple shear flow", Omori et al., 2012.
October 6 Dan
"Microtubule dynamics: caps, catastrophes, and coupled hydrolysis", Flyvbjerg et al., 1996.
October 8 Daniel
"Impulses and physiological states in theoretical models of nerve membrane", FitzHugh, 1961.
October 13 Fall Break ...
October 15 Fall Break ...
October 20 Loren
"A validated mathematical model of cell-mediated immune response to tumor growth", de Pillis et al., 2005.
October 22 Ethan
"Stripe formation in juvenile pomacanthus explained by a generalized turing mechanism with chemotaxis", Painter et al., 1999.
October 27 Anna
"Stochastic vs. deterministic modeling of intracellular viral kinetics", Srivastava et al., 2002.
October 29 Katie
"Mathematical analysis of a proteolytic positive-feedback loop: dependence of lag time and enzyme yields on the initial conditions and kinetic parameters", Jesty et al., 1993.
November 3 Kiersten
"Host-parasitoid systems in patchy environments: a phenomenological model", May, 1978.
November 5 Julia
"Population biology of infectious diseases: Part i", Anderson et al., 1979
November 10 Andrew
"On the use of matrices in certain population mathematics", Leslie, 1945.
November 12 Samantha
"Theoretical examination of the pulse vaccination policy in the sir epidemic model", Stone et al., 2000.
November 17 Xuesong
"On cardiac arrythmias: Av conduction block", Keener, 1981.
November 19 Lifeng
"Osmotically driven pipe flows and their relation to sugar transport in plants", Jensen et al., 2009.
December 1 TBD ...
December 3 Fred Adler ...
December 8 TBD ...
December 10 Christel Hohenegger ...

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