Math 6310, Fall 2015

Srikanth B. Iyengar

Class:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday   12:55 pm–1:45 pm,   JTB 110

Office:  202 JWB

E-mail:  my-last-name at math dot utah dot edu

Office Hours:  10:00–12:00 Wednesday, and by appointment.

Texts: I plan to use Basic Algebra I, II  by Jacobson, keeping also Abstract Algebra by Dummit and Foote on hand.

Exams:  There will be a midterm on October 23rd (time to be determined) and the final will be on 1:00 pm – 3 pm, December 18th. Each exam will account for 30% of the overall grade.

Homework: Problem sets will be assigned fortnightly and will be available on this web-page. The solutions should be typeset in TeX (work with AMSLatex) and the pdf file turned in. You may discuss the problems with others, but please write the solutions yourself.

Homework 1 pdf and tex

Homework 2 pdf and tex

Homework 3 pdf and tex

Homework 4 pdf and tex

Homework 5 pdf and tex

Homework 6 pdf and tex

ADA: The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that reasonable accommodations be provided to qualified individuals. To discuss any such accommodations, please contact me as well as the Center for Disability Services, (801) 581-5020, at the beginning of the semester.

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