Mathematical Physiology Research Group


James P. Keener

James P. Keener
Ph.D., California Institute of Technology (1972)
Mathematical modeling of Physiological Processes

Sean Lawley
Ph.D., Duke University (2014)

Post Docs

Aaron Barrett
Ph.D., UNC Chapel Hill (2019)

Graduate Students

Kyle Gaffney

Gregory Handy

Samantha Hill

Katrina Johnson

Christopher Miles

Anna Miller

Laura Strube

Becky Terry

Kiersten Utsey

Leif Zinn-Björkman


Jie Ma
Thesis: Singular Perturbation Methods in Pharmacokinetics and Stochastic Modeling of Random Drug Taking Processes (2017)

Parker Childs
Thesis: Mathematical Models of Chemical Reactions: Discrepancies between Markov Chains and Mass Action Kinetics (2016)
BioFire Diagnostics

Megan Dixon
Roles for ubiquitin and dimensional dependence in protein regulation (2015)

Ross Magi
Thesis: Dynamic Behavior of Biological Membranes (2014)
Walla Walla University

Geoffrey Hunter
Thesis: The Role of Small RNA in Quorum Sensing (2013)
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

Blerta Shtylla
Thesis: "Mathematical Models of Chromosome Motility during Mitosis." (2011)
Pomona College

Frank Lynch
Thesis: "Mathematical Modeling of the Gastric Mucus Gel" (2010)

Eastern Washington University

Jay Newby
Ph.D., University of Utah (2009)
Advisor: Paul Bressloff

Liz Doman Copene
Thesis: "Ephaptic Coupling of Cardiac Cells" (2008)

BioFire Diagnostics

Young-Seon Lee
Thesis: "Mechanisms of calcium alternans in cardiac cells" (2005)

Florida State University

Brynja Kohler
Thesis: "T lymphocyte population dynamics in health and autoimmunity" (2004)

Utah State University

Nick Cogan
Thesis: "A Model of Biofilm Growth and Structural Development" (2002)

Florida State University

Brad Peercy
Thesis: "Models of border zone arrhythmias in acute cardiac ischemia" (2003)

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Eric Cytrynbaum
Thesis: "Using Low Dimensional Models to Understand Cardiac Arrhythmias" (2001)

University of British Columbia

Miguel Dumett
Thesis: "A Numerical method for the solution of elliptic boundary value problems on irregular domains " (2001)

University of Southern California, and JPL

Eric Marland
Thesis: "The Dynamics of a Sarcomere " (1998)

Appalachian State University

Experimental Collaborators

A growing list of life science faculty members who interact with the Mathematical Physiology Group.

Steve Poelzing

Steve Poelzing
Fralin Biomedical Research Institute, Virginia Tech
Cardiac Electrophysiology

Markus Babst

Markus Babst
Biology Department, University of Utah
Protein Cycling

Kelly Hughes

Kelly Hughes
Biology Department, University of Utah
Flagellar Construction

And here are some pictures from our last cabin party. You know what they say about all work and no play.