Math 2270-2
Linear Algebra
Fall term, 2001

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Final exam information: The final will be on Thursday December 13, from 1-3 p.m., in our old classroom. The exam is closed book and closed note, and advanced calculators are also not allowed. The exam is comprehensive; a review sheet was handed out on Wednesday with percentage ranges for each chapter of the text.
    There will be a review session Friday December 7, in our classroom, from 12:30-2:00.
   practice final exam (Intended to indicate the format and type of questions which will appear on the final, but not intended to include all possible topics.)
   solutions   There were some typos in the version of answers I handed out at problem session: In #7 I referred to the vector space basis as "T" rather than "script B," and to the transformation as "L" rather than "T" (because those were the letters our old book used). I think I have now fixed those typos.
   I will post solutions to the final homework assignment here, by Monday.

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Exam 2 information:   review session Saturday 1-2:30 p.m. JWB 208
OOPS: The syllabus says the exam is Tuesday, not Monday! University policy is that exam dates not be changed, so we will have the exam on Tuesday. On Monday we can talk carefully about the four fundamental subspaces associated to linear maps from R^n to R^m - this was material from chapter 5.1 which we never discussed in detail. You can also ask more review questions. I apologize for the exam date confusion. Please let all your friends in the class know about this mixup!
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   solutions   pdf format
   review sheet   pdf format

Exam 1 information:
   practice exam   pdf format
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