Setup info for MS-windows 95/98 and Linux

  1. How to create a startup menu for MS-Windows 95/98 (1998) Text (10k)
  2. How to setup 1998 MS-Windows 95/98 Netscape, ppp, dialer. Text (4k)
  3. How to use cyrillic fonts with Linux Lynx and Netscape (1998). Text (3k)
  4. Cyrillic KOI8-R unix fonts (1998). (41k)
  5. Scripts for SLIP and PPP for Linux using kermit or dip (1998).
    For dialup sites and ZIP (40k)
  6. How use Photoshop and an EPSON scanner to make GIF and EPS images (1997). TXT (6k)
  7. How to make PPP and SLIP connections for PC Windows Netscape 2.01.(1996) Text (17k)
  8. How to setup 1995 PC Windows Netscape. Text (24k)
  9. How to get and install DOS kermit on a PC (1995). Text (4k)
  10. How to make SLIP connections with MSDOS kermit and doslynx (1996). Text (7k)
  11. How to get and install linux Kermit, Netscape/PPP (1997). Text (16k)
  12. How to run linux Netscape, Telnet, Ftp, Lynx with PPP (1997). Text (4k)
  13. Linux Slackware 1.2.13 sendmail files (1997). ZIP (130k)
  14. How to print on a Deskjet using linux (1997). ZIP (3k)