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Local Host Computer-Related Documents

  1. Gustafson's Emacs Mini-manual DVI ( 37K ) | LaTeX ( 24K ) | ASCII ( 21K )
  2. Link to page of old 1995-2003 information about MS-Windows 95/98, XP and Linux.

X-Server for MS-windows

  1. Cygwin home page, free software
    The best free X-windows software solution for MS-Windows is XFree86 in the cygwin distribution. Using XFree86 and secure telnet (SSH), it is possible to log into your univ account and launch X-window applications that display on your local MS-windows computer, e.g., xmaple and matlab. This solution assumes a fast 1.5mb connection. If you want a 500mb installation CD (unzip to your hard disk), then send email.
    After a cygwin installation, turn off enough XP or Vista security to make it work. Installation requires "rebaseall" which is a part of the cygwin "rebase" package. Generally, "chmod -R u=rwx,g=rw,o=r" is needed to prepare the cygwin tree for use. A basic install needs to execute a batch file for the cygwin "mount" command in order to write info to the Registry. Directory HOME must also be set as a MS environment variable. Search the web for instructions.
  2. OS-X already has a unix interface and X-windows is part of the operating system (2007).
  3. Microsoft Vista Ultimate (but not Basic or Premium) has a unix interface and X-windows is part of the operating system (2007). If you don't have it, then install the cygwin package above.
  4. MiX 95 X-Server and fonts 1997 Zip (2.72MB)
    Works with insecure telnet to link to university computers running X-windows applications. Due to secure telnet connections across campus, this software is no longer useful to make university connections.
  5. MiX 2.0 X-Server 2000 Trial Version Zip (2.70MB)
    An updated version, but it costs money.

Local Host Mini-Courses On Computer Topics

  1. Alfeld's Unix Crash Course. PS (582k)
  2. Carlson-Johnson Maple QuickTour. PS (128k)
  3. Carlson-Johnson Maple briefGuide. PS (245k)

Development Files (Linux, DOS, Win)

  1. Linux 1.2.13 Dired 304 ZIP Oct 7 1996 (127k)
  2. Linux 1.2.13 Dired 305 ZIP 5 Jan 1997 (139k)
  3. Linux 2.4.18 Dired 306 ZIP 23 Jan 2003 (160k)
    Includes cygwin dired.exe for MS-win98/2000/ME/xp.
  4. Dired 307 ZIP October 2006 (140k)
    Includes Linux, Solaris, cygwin dired.exe for MS-win98/2000/ME/xp/vista.
  5. Linux 1.2.8 jgraph ZIP Sept 20 1996 (180k)
  6. xPCmouse 1.2 TSR for DOS/DOSEMU (66k)
  7. xPCmouse 1.3 TSR for DOS/DOSEMU (75k)
  8. xPCmouse 1.4 TSR for DOS/DOSEMU (75k)
  9. toclip 1.0 DOS/WIN clipboard tool Sept 1998 (21k)
  10. PI ver 50 10-June-2000 Linux/DOS (630k)
  11. PI 11-Jan-2003 Linux/Solaris/MS-win98/me/xp (670k)
  12. PI ver 51 13-Dec-2004 Linux/Solaris/MS-win98/me/xp (1.1mb)
  13. PI ver 52 10-Sep-2006 Linux/Solaris/MS-win98/me/xp (1.2mb)
  14. PI ver 52 13-Sep-2006 macOSX development (400kb)
  15. PI ver 53 15-Sep-2006 (1.3M, Tuesday, 26-Sep-2006 15:00:04 MDT)
  16. PI ver 53 17-Jan-2010 (1.3M, Sunday, 17-Jan-2010 15:24:00 MST)

Mail address:
        Grant B. Gustafson
        155 South 1400 East Rm113
        Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0090
Office phone: (801) 581-6879.

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