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Differential Equations 5410 Fall 2008

  • 5410 due dates for submitted work
    Due dates updated daily

    5410 Announcements

    1. 5410 Exam 3 Fall 2008, exam scheduled for Dec 12 Sample midterm 3 (90k pdf)
    2. How to use maple version 12 [added 30 Nov 2008]
      Details for maple 12 under unix, windows, OS/X How to use maple 12 (2k text)
    3. 5410 Exam 2 Fall 2008
      The exam will be removed from the schedule, due to missing a week of lectures. Topics from exam 2 will be moved to exam 3, and some of the exam 3 topics will be removed entirely.

    5410 Term Project Fall 2008

    Proofs due 17-November
    Printable document pdf

    Progress on the Picard Proof in class:
    Proof from (1) Kreider-Kuller and (2) Edwards-Penney supplied in xerox form in class week of Nov 2, 2008. If you need a copy, then please send email and I'll send a pdf file.

    Don Tucker lectured on the Picard proof, 11 Nov 2008.

    On Nov 12, I added some more ideas about the proof. In particular, a blackboard graphic used to construct the proof sentences about uniform convergence. Such details appear in the Edwards-Penney proof, and not in the fixed-point theory proof that uses the Banach Theorem [Kreider-Kuller]. Common to both proofs is the estimate of terms of a series of functions by terms of a convergent geometric series.

    Maplesoft offer

    Offer from Waterloo Maple to buy a copy of maple 12 for your OS/X, Linux or MS-Windows home computer or laptop.
    Maple 12 Offer F2008 Click here

    2250 Lecture Notes, Slides and References

    1. Notebook computer lecture slides and documents Click here

    1. Gustafson's 5410 course syllabus Fall 2008
      pdf postscript syllabus (130k)
      Undergraduate differential equations, Borrelli-Coleman
      Print locally or use Adobe AcroRead [acrobat reader]
    2. Gustafson's 5410 gradesheet Fall 2008
      pdf gradesheet (75k)
      Record-keeping for Exercises, Midterms and Maple Labs.
    3. 5410 presentation suggestions for submitted work
      How to improve your written work
    4. How to do maple graphics using a modem or dsl
      Low speed internet and maple graphics (3.8K txt)

    Documents for 5410 Fall 2008 (pdf)

  • Under construction
    1. Exponential Modeling document
      PDF Document (29 pages)
    2. Maple answer check for a DE
      How to do a maple answer check for y'=y+2x (TEXT 1k)
    3. Numerical DE manuscript
      PDF Document (18 pages)
    4. Undetermined coefficients slides
      PDF slides
    5. Laplace transform introduction
      PDF slides
    6. Heaviside coverup method, short version 2008
      PDF manuscript
    7. Heaviside coverup method
      PDF manuscript
    8. Jules Verne Problem F2008
      pdf slides
    9. Dynamical Systems F2008
      pdf slides

    Maple Labs for 5410 Fall 2008

    1. Maple lab 0: Getting started
      Click Here ( 54K pdf)
    2. Maple lab 0: Getting started code examples
      Click Here (167 text)
    3. Maple lab1: Direction fields
      PDF Document (2 pages, 35k)
    4. Maple lab2: Numerical methods: Euler, Heun, RK4
      PDF Document (2 pages, 35k)
    5. Maple lab3: Picard Iteration Experiments
      PDF Document (1 pages, 29k)
    6. Maple lab4: Teddy bears and DEplot
      PDF Document (2 pages, 35k)
    7. Maple lab5: Antihistamine problems
      PDF Document (2 pages, 32k)
    8. Maple lab6: Phase diagrams
      PDF Document (3 pages, 44k)
    9. Maple lab7: Chaos and Euler's method
      PDF Document (3 pages, 44k)

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