Math 5010-1, University of Utah, Spring 2006
Introductory Probability: Course Syllabus

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Instructor: Davar Khoshnevisan (Contact Information | Office Hours)
Time/Place: MWF 10:45-11:35 am, JFB 102 (Note the room change)
Text: A First Course in Probability, S. Ross, Prentice Hall, Seventh Ed. (Note the change in edition)
Lecture Notes:The handwritten lectures notes can be found under "Lecture Schedule" below. They are updated regularly. So visit this site often.
Course Description: This is a first course in undergraduate probability. It requires a solid knowledge of Calculus (I, II, III), and covers standard material such as combinatorial problems, random variables, distributions, independence, conditional probability, expected value and moments, law of large numbers, and the central limit theorem.

This course is three credit hours. It serves as a QRQI course (quantitative reasoning-Math, quantitative reasoning-statistics/logic, and quantitative intensive). (Warning Warnings)

Grading: The student's grade is based on scores from four midterms (the best three count for 25% each), and a comprehensive final exam (25%). The midterm exams are not comprehensive. The grading curve follows. Further refinements to the grade (e.g., A-, B+, etc.) are made in accord with the fine details of the student's individual performance.
%-age 86-100 76-85 61-75 51-60 0-50
Grade A BC DE
Exams: The highest three midterm scores, out of the four, make up 75% of the student's grade in the course. The lowest midterm score is dropped. There are no make-up tests in this course, and the midterms are not comprehensive. (dates) There is also a comprehensive final exam; it accounts for 25% of the grade (schedule).
Homework: Homework is posted under "Homework" below. New assignments are announced during the lectures, and have assigned due dates. However, homework is not collected, nor graded. The homeworks are generally a mixture of theoretical (theorem/proof; about 30% of the time), and computational problems. The only way to keep up with the pace of this course is to solve, at the very least, the assigned homework problems in a timely fashion.

Seeking Help: To find help, the students are encouraged to visit the instructor during the designated drop-in office hour (web link), schedule an appointment (web link), or visit the fine (no-cost) tutoring center (web link) of the department of mathematics. The tutoring center is centered at the T. B. Rushing Undergraduate Student Center in the basement of LCB.

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