Andrej Cherkaev Research Page

Current projects

My research areas are: 

Structural Optimization 

Optimal Composites 

Nonconvex Variational Problems 
New areas: 
Dynamics of unstable materials and the phase transition  Optimality of bio-materials: search for functionals.  Dynamics of damageable matherials. 
You can find here an informal description of some unsolved problems in these areas. 

List of publications

Recent preprints


My references to papers and books in Calculus of variation, Structural optimization, micro-inhomogeneous media, etc. A large bibtex file
An optimization source  NEOS Guide Optimization Tree
An organized directory of papers in Structural Optimization
Ole Sigmund homepage with the amazing interactive structural optimization software.
How Things Break  by Michael Marder and Jay Fineberg

 CHAOGRAPHY!!! Animation using chaos, by Elizabeth Bradley
 Visualization in Mathematics: Gallery by Richard Palais
 A Chronology of Game Theory by Paul Walker

Description of my related graduate courses:

M-675-2 - Modern Problems in Calculus of Variations.
M-7710 - Optimization and Homogenization.