Why study structures?

Examples of structures Structural optimization 
Indicator of material's performance  Coupling
Indirect and distant measurements  Morphology: Adaptation of organisms 
 Dynamics, damage, and dissipation Active materials 


Mathematical analysis of structures

Modeling structures  Field concentration 
Homogenization Field in optimal structures
Bounds on effective properties G-closure
Inverse problems  Dynamics 
Numerical modeling Percolation


Interesting math examples

 Exact solutions Fields in optimal structures
 Conservation of effective properties  Multiphase optimal mixtures
 Iterative homogenization  Algebra of extreme structures

Galleries of exact solutions

There are surprisingly many types of structures, whose effective properties can be analytically computed or approximated. The galleries of such structures and a theoretical background to the calculation of their properties  can be seen below.

Theory outline


Gallery of 2D structures

 Gallery of 3D structures

(some day, these galleries will be interactive!)