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Andrej V. Cherkaev, professor
Department of Mathematics
JWB Building Office 225
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112
Tel : +1 801 - 581 6822
Fax : +1 801 - 581 4148

Research Interests


Vitae Research Preprints, abstracts
Teaching Proposal Prep.

Current teaching (Fall 98)

Attention! New graduate course.
M-7710 - Optimization and Homogenization.
2. M-3160-1 - Complex variables.
T/Th, 9:40-10:30, ST 216
3. M-3160-2 - Complex variables.
M/W, 11:50-12:40, NS 201

www publications: Math. comics ( with Elena Cherkaeva)


Topics in mathematical modelling of composite materials
Andrej Cherkaev and Robert Kohn editors,
Birkhauser, 1997
Variational methods for Structural Optimization
by Andrej Cherkaev,
Springer 1998 (in preparation)


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Math for Materials Server , NIST Workshop 95


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