Topics in mathematical modelling of composite materials

Andrej Cherkaev and Robert Kohn editors, Birkhauser, 1997

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction by A. Cherkaev and R. Kohn
  2. On the control of coefficients in partial differential equations by F. Murat and L. Tartar.
  3. Estimation of homogenized coefficients by L. Tartar.
  4. H-Convergence by F. Murat and L. Tartar.
  5. A strange term coming from nowhere by F. Murat and D.Cioranescu.
  6. Design of composite plates of extremal rigidity by L. Gibiansky and A. Cherkaev.
  7. Calculus of variations and homogenization by F. Murat and L. Tartar.
  8. Effective characteristics of composite materials and the optimal design of structural elements by K.A. Lurie and A. V. Cherkaev. Appendix by Lurie and Simkina.
  9. Microstructures of composites of extremal rigidity and exact bounds on the associated energy density by L.V. Gibiansky and A.V. Cherkaev.
For the annotation of the chapters see the Introduction
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