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Exam Rules

  • No calculators allowed.

  • No cheating.

  • The students can only use #2 pencils on the exam. It is a multiple choice exam, with "bubble" answer sheets. The students need to completely fill in the bubble answers and completely erase any mistakes or stray pencil markings.

  • The exam has 30 questions on it. The students have 2 and 1/2 hours to complete the exam. Each correct answer is worth 4 points, an incorrect answer is worth -1 point and a blank answer is worth nothing.

  • There are two different exams--one for 7th-9th graders and one for 10th-12th graders.

  • The students must enter their name completely on the answer bubble sheet to get their exams graded. (The school/student i.d. information will already be encoded on their answer sheet.)

  • Prizes will be awarded during an award banquet to:
    • The top 6 individual winners in every grade.

    • The best 3 teams in every grade in the large school division and the best 3 teams in every grade in the small school division. The team scores are calculated by adding the best 3 individual scores out of the team.

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