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2007 Results

    A total of 157 schools participated in this contest with 353 7th graders, 392 8th graders, 424 9th graders, 348 10th graders, 324 11th graders, and 280 12th graders (for a total of 2121 students).

    Here are the statistics for the exams (there was a maximum of 120 points possible on the exam).

    Grade   Median   Mean   Standard Deviation
    7th   14   15.5   18
    8th   19   19   22.3
    9th   27   30.1   24.2
    10th   11   13.9   17.7
    11th   16   21.2   22.5
    12th   22   26.2   22.1

  • Individual Winners

  • Top 50 scores for Grades 7-12

  • Team Winners

    Note: There were some issues with a handful of schools bringing too many students for a particular grade to the exam. I have taken a fairly firm stance on this act of unfair play. The guidelines for how many students per grade we allow to take the exam are clearly stated on this website. I also emailed all the registered teachers the day before the exam to remind them that they could not bring more students than were registered in any given grade. For example, if they had students fall out at the last minute from the 11th grade team, then they could not replace their spots with 10th graders, especially when doing so would put their team over the allowable limit for that grade. Bringing more than the allowed number per grade gives that school a decidedly unfair advantage, and this is a competition after all. Regardless of my decision here, it will be seemingly unfair to some group of people. Because of this, I had to make the decision that is fairest to the largest number of people, as well as the only decision that stands with integrity, in line with our structure and stated guidelines. Thus, if your school chose to bring too many students for a specific grade, I disqualified your whole team from any awards or placement. This means the names/scores for that disqualified team of students will not show up in the top 50 list, nor are those students able to win any prize.

    I have emailed the complete lists for all student results to the registered teachers. If you are not in the Top 50, and you'd like to know your score, please contact the teacher at your school who registered for the contest and he/she will be able to assist you.

2006 Results

Past Results

Past Math Contest results can be found here.

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