Computational Theory of Real Reductive Groups
A workshop, July 20-24, 2009, at the University of Utah





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Suggestions for Wednesday Afternoon

Suggestions for Wednesday Afternoon:

There are two spectacular canyons (Little and Big Cottonwood Canyons) located within 20 miles of campus. They are served by public transportation, but a rental car would be a much more convenient option.

Two good hiking options in Little Cottonwood Canyon are Cecret Lake (located near the town of Alta) and Red Pine Lake. The former is a short and easy walk, the latter is moderately strenuous (and accesses a more strenuous option, The Pfeifferhorn, probably too much for Wednesday). Fast hikers can also add a side trip to Maybird Gulch from the Red Pine trail. All offer spectcular views. The wildflower season is still in full swing. Some links:

  • Link for hike to Red Pine Lake, Upper Red Pine Lake, and Maybird Gulch.
  • Link for hike to Cecret Lake.
  • Link for the Pfeifferhorn.
  • A good place to eat on the way home is The Porcupine.

A number of great hiking options (from mildly to moderately strenuous) in Big Cottonwood Canyon originate at the Brighton Ski Resort. If you do these, it is highly recommended that you return via Park City through Guardsman Pass. The drive offers expansive views of the Wasatch Front. There are lots of good dining option on Main Street in Park City.

  • Link for hiking the lakes above Brighton.
  • Link for the the Guardsman pass road.
  • Link for Main Street in Park City.

A short (less than two hour roundtrip) hike easily accessible form the dorms or Guesthouse is the Living Room above Red Butte Gardens. This should be done in the evening hours, as it is likely too hot during the day. The views, especially at sunset, are fantastic.

  • Link for the Living Room.