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Authors are urged to proofread their abstracts carefully, and to report any errors noted. Because abstracts were communicated via e-mail, and in many cases, had to be converted from word processor formats, there are very likely transcription errors lurking, particularly in mathematical text.

Here are the preliminary abstracts of the minisymposia presentations, contributed talks and posters, ordered alphabetically according to the surname of the presenter. The abstracts of the Invited Speakers have not yet been inserted into these files, although we plan to include them shortly. Those abstracts can be found by clicking on the titles in the invited speaker list.

Special thanks go to Nelson Beebe and Eleen Collins for their considerable help in processing these abstracts.

Individual Abstracts: Titles and Presenters

Some Tools from Homogenization and Applications in Electromagnetism
Radjesvarane Alexandre

Directional Emission from a Microdisk Resonator with a Linear Defect
V. M. Apalkov

Random Lasing and Random Resonators in Disordered Dielectric Films
V. M. Apalkov

Asymptotic Methods and Electromagnetism
Michel Artola

Nonlinear Interactions of Wavepackets in a Periodic Media
A. Babin

Propagation in Multiscale Media
Alexander M. Balk

Micromechanics-based Determination of Effective Elastic Properties of Polymer Bonded Explosives
Biswajit Banerjee

Critical Behaviour of Thermal Relaxation in Composites
K. K. Bardhan

Is There an Effective Medium for the Coherent Reflectance from a System of Random Mie Spheres?
Rubén G. Barrera

Critical points in the macroscopic magnetotransport of normal conductor/perfect insulator/perfect conductor disordered composites
David J. Bergman

Exact relations between critical exponents for elastic stiffness and electrical conductivity of percolating networks
David J. Bergman

Electrokinetic effects and fluid permeability
James G. Berryman

Modeling intrinsically complex matter: nonlinear, nonadiabatic, nonequilibrium
Alan Bishop

Large Nonlinear Optical Response of Photonic Microcavity Arrays
Steve Blair

Dipole-Dipole Interaction Effect on the Optical Response of Quantum DOT Ensembles
V. I. Boev

Local Oxidation-Reduction and Current-Voltage Spectroscopy on V2O5 Cathode of the Li Ion Battery by UHV STM/AFM
I. N. Borodina

Wave scattering by inhomogeneous media: efficient algorithms and applications
Oscar P. Bruno

Understanding and Control of Random Lasing
Alexander L. Burin

Lasing with resonant feedback in random media
Hui Cao

To what extent is the structure of a random composite compatible with a percolation model?
François Carmona

Dynamics of Structures Bi-Modal Elements
Andrej Cherkaev

Reconstruction of the Microstructure of a Random Mixture
Elena Cherkaev

Effect of Boundary Layers on Transmittance of Defect Mode in One-Dimensional Photonic Band Structures
Il-Sug Chung

From opals to optics: Building photonic band gaps in nanostructured materials
Vicki Colvin

Multiple Light Scattering in Multistratified Media: Model, Experiment
A. Da Silva

A spectral representation for the dielectric properties of layered materials
Anthony Roy Day

Binding Energy of Hydrogen-Type Impurities in Quantum Well Wires of InSb/GaAs
G. H. Demirjian

The Peculiarities of Hydrogen-Type Systems in Thin Semiconductor Films (QWS) in Presence of Transverse Magnetic Field
G. H. Demirjian

Dichotomic Random Processes and Scaling Properties of One-Dimensional Anderson Model with Diagonal Disorder
L. Deych

Optimal Mode Localization in Heterogeneous Media
David C. Dobson

Diffraction in Left-Handed Materials and Theory of Veselago Lens
A. L. Efros

Microstructural controls on transport phenomena in sea ice
Hajo Eicken

Localization and Diffusion of Transient Waves in Random Media
V. Freilikher

On the Crystal Optics of Ferroelectric-Semiconductors
B. R. Gadjiev

Deterministic Computations for Acoustical-Optical-Phonon Collision Boltzmann-Poisson Systems
Irene M. Gamba

New Advances in Numerical Micromagnetics Simulations
Carlos J. Garcia-Cervera

Photophysics of Pristine and C60 Doped Disubstituted Polyacetylene
I. I. Gontia

Magnetic nanocomposites close to the percolation threshold: Magnetotransport and magnetooptics
Alexander B. Granovsky

Scattering of Radiation in a Heterogeneous Medium Near the Percolation Threshold
P. S. Grinchuk

Properties of Conically Propagating Electromagnetic and Elastodynamic Waves in Periodic Media
Sebastien Guenneau

The manipulation of light: One nanoparticle at a time
Naomi Halas

Phonons and thermal transport in nanoscale devices and nanomaterials
James C. Hone

Fast, High-Order Methods in Computational Scattering
E. McKay Hyde

Electroluminescence from Eu-doped GaN MIS Structure
W. M. Jadwisienczak, E. Kowalczyk, A. E. Kowalczyk, and H. J. Lozykowski

Morphology-dependent Optical Properties of Substituted Poly(p-phenylene-ethynylene)
X. M. Jiang

Photonic band gap materials: Semiconductors of light
Sajeev John

High-Q cavities without a complete photonic band gap
Steven G. Johnson

The impedance boundary conditions and effective surface impedance of inhomogeneous metals
Inna Kaganova

Low Frequency Corrections to the Static Effective Dielectric Constant of a Composite Material with a Cubic Lattice of Identical Spheres
Bao Keda

The importance of microstructure in defibrillation
James P. Keener

Photoexcitations in Trans-Polyacetylenes: Long-Living Story about Short-Living Species
O. J. Korovyanko

Physical Properties of Gallium Infiltrated into Opal Photonic Crystals
Vladimir F. Kozhevnikov

Influence of Concentration Fluctuation on mv Properties of Composites
A. N. Lagarkov

Light scattering and fluctuations under extreme conditions
Ad Lagendijk

Dynamic Effective Medium Theory of Nanosphere Materials
Anne A. Lazarides

Dielectric and Electro-Optical Properties of Dilute Suspensions
Ohad Levy

Structural, Optical, and Structural-Optical Properties in First-Year Arctic Sea Ice
Bonnie Light

Tuning of Anisotropic Optical Properties of Two-Dimensional Dielectric Photonic Crystals
Hanjo Lim

Design of Functionally Graded Dielectrics Using Prescribed Microstructures
Robert Lipton

Structural colours through photonic crystals
Ross C. McPhedran

Photonic Crystal Slab
Arthur McGurn

3-D DC Conductivity of Polymer--Carbon Fibre Composites
D. S. McLachlan

The Correct Modeling of the Second Order Terms of the Complex ac Conductivity Results for Continuum Percolation Media, Using a Single Phenomenological Equation
D. S. McLachlan

Fitting the dc conductivity and first order ac conductivity results of continuum percolation media, using percolation theory and a single phenomenological equation.
D. S. McLachlan

Spin Glass Behavior in Metalloporphyrin-based Magnets
Joel S. Miller

Exact Solutions for the Dispersion Relation in a Wide Class of Periodic Media with Complex Moduli
Graeme W. Milton

Using Terahertz Pulses to Study Light Scattering
Daniel Mittleman

Numerical Study on Localized Defect Modes in Two-Dimensional Lattices: A High -Resonant Cavity
R. Moussa

Design of transportation network by an amoeba-like organism
Toshiyuki Nakagaki

Time domain reflectometry measurement of bulk permittivity of porous mixtures containing bound water
Dani Or

Scaling Conditions for Multiple Scattering in Fractal Aggregates
Guillermo P. Ortiz

Bulk Response of Composites from Finite Samples
Guillermo P. Ortiz

Resistance Switching and Memory in a Metal-Dielectric Nanocomposite System
A. B. Pakhomov

Time reversal, imaging and communications in random media
George C. Papanicolaou

Improved Transmittance in One-Dimensional Metallic Photonic Crystals
Hae-Yong Park

Theory of the Optical Properties of DNA-Modified Gold Nanoparticle Composites
Sung Yong Park

Refining the perfect lens
John B. Pendry

Complex yet translucent: The optical properties of sea ice
Donald K. Perovich

Estimating Conductance in Small Samples of Heterogeneous Materials by Random Walks
Jeffrey D. Picka

Simulating Photons and Plasmons in a Three Dimensional Metallic Lattice
Alexander Pletzer

Electrodynamics of Metallic Photonic Crystals and Problem of Left-Handed Materials
A. L. Pokrovsky

Random Lasing in Pi-conjugated Polymer Films
Randall Polson

Quantum hopping in doped conducting polymers
Vladimir Prigodin

Transport of fluid mixtures in nanoporous materials
Muhammad Sahimi

Plasmons in Nano-wires and Left-handed Plasmonic Materials
Andrey K. Sarychev

Resistance of Size-Quantized Inhomogeneous Films
A. M. Satanin

Dispersion and Localization of Excitations in Disordered
A. M. Satanin

Electrical Transport in 2-Naphthylacetylene Anode of Li Ion Battery in Strong Inhomogeneous Electric Field by UHV STM/AFM
A. E. Semenov

Far from Equilibrium Dynamics in Nonlinear Percolative Composites
Asok Kumar Sen

Statistical Modeling of Light Propagating Through a Semi-Transparent Cone
Sergey Serkov

Plasmonic nanophotonics: Manipulating light and sensing molecules
Vladimir Shalaev

Coarse-grained models of the visual cortex
Michael Shelley

Locally resonant sonic materials
Ping Sheng

Novel Left-Handed Material Based on a Network of Plasma Channels
Gennady Shvets

Probing the spontaneous generation of nanoscale energy localization
Albert J. Sievers

Heaviside Analytical Solutions of Nonlocal Wave Equations in Inhomogeneous, Dispersive Media
Valentino A. Simpao

An effective field perspective on the nonlinear optical properties of artificially structured materials
John Sipe

Negative Refractive Composite Media
D. R. Smith

Femtosecond Energy Concentration in Nanosystems: Coherent Control
M. I. Stockman

Control of nano- and micro-scale inhomogenities using surfactants in III/V alloys
Gerald Stringfellow

Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Properties and Electrical Transport in Porous III--V Materials
I. M. Tiginyanu

Bistable Behavior of a Photonic Crystal Non-Linear Cavity
Jean Pol Vigneron

A New Method of Homogenization of the Maxwell Equations
A. P. Vinogradov

The Frequency Dependence of the Localization Length in One-Dimensional System
A. P. Vinogradov

Nonlinear Polaritons of Antiferromagnetic Superlattices
Xuan-Zhang Wang

Numerical Computation of Wave Motion through Dynamic Materials
Suzanne L. Weekes

Homogenization Study of Resonances in Photonic Structures
Michael I. Weinstein

Homogenization of Maxwell's Equations
Niklas Wellander

Two and Three Dimensional Ordered Structures in Electro-magneto-rheological Fluid
Weijia Wen

Liquid Crystal Infiltrated Random Media: From the Optical NTC-Resistor to Temperature Tunable Random Lasers
Diederik S. Wiersma

Light transport in cold atoms : The fate of coherent backscattering in the weak localization regime
David Wilkowski

Measurements of Spin-Dependent Exciton Formation Cross-Sections in pi-Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers
M. Wohlgenannt

Photoinduced Electronic Interaction Between a Poly(p-phenylene vinylene)-derivative and Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
C. Yang

Estimation of the Permeability of a Porous Medium Using the Geometric Structural Function
Dali Zhang

Dynamics of Damage in Two-Dimensional Structures with Waiting Elements
Liya Zhornitskaya

The Study of 5CB Absorbed On Nano-Roughened Ag and Au Electrodes by Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering
Hai-Guang Zhou

Role of the Orbital Ordering on Molecular Magnet MnAc
Liang-Jian Zou