Case Studies in Mathematical Modeling---Ecology, Physiology, and Cell Biology

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Edited by H. G. Othmer, F. R. Adler, M. A. Lewis, and J. C. Dallon. Published by Prentice-Hall (1997). ISBN 0-13-574039-8. LCCN QH541.15.M3C37 1997. viii + 411 pages.

Camera-ready PostScript files were supplied to the printer on 26-Nov-1997. The very first copy of this book arrived at the editors' offices on 3-Jan-1997, bound as a paperback with a colorful cover on a light gray background.

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Table of contents

Front matter
Table of contents [iii-iv]
Preface [v--viii]
Part I: Ecology and Evolution, by Frederick R. Adler [1--2]
Chapter 1.
You Bet Your Life: Life-History Strategies in Fluctuating Environments, by Stephen P. Ellner [3--24]
Chapter 2.
The Evolution of Species' Niches: A Population Dynamic Perspective, by Robert D. Holt and Richard Gomulkiewicz [25--50]
Chapter 3.
Reflections on Models of Epidemics Triggered by the Case of Phocine Distemper Virus among Seals, by Odo Diekmann [51--59]
Chapter 4.
Simple Representations of Biomass Dynamics in Structured Populations, by R. M. Nisbet, E. McCauley , W. S. C. Gurney, W. W. Murdoch, and A. M. de, by Roos [61--79]
Chapter 5.
Ancestral Inference from DNA Sequence Data, by Simon Tavaré [81--96]
Part II: Cell Biology, by Mark A. Lewis [97--98]
Chapter 6.
Signal Transduction and Second Messenger Systems, by Hans G. Othmer, [99--126]
Chapter 7.
The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle: Molecules, Mechanisms, and Mathematical Models, by John J. Tyson, Kathy Chen and Bela Novak [127--147]
Chapter 8.
Mathematical Models of Hematopoietic Cell Replication and Control, by Michael C. Mackey [149--178]
Chapter 9.
Oscillations and Multistability in Delayed Feedback Control, by John Milton and Jennifer Foss [179--198]
Chapter 10.
Calcium and Membrane Potential Oscillations in Pancreatic beta-Cells, by Arthur Sherman [199--217]
Part III: Physiology, by Hans G. Othmer, [219--220]
Chapter 11.
Mathematical Modeling of Muscle Crossbridge Mechanics, by Edward Pate [221--254]
Chapter 12.
The Topology of Phase Resetting and the Entrainment of Limit Cycles, by Leon Glass [255--276]
Chapter 13.
Modeling the Interaction of Cardiac Muscle with Strong Electric Fields, by Wanda Krassowska [277--308]
Chapter 14.
Fluid Dynamics of the Heart and its Valves, by Charles S. Peskin and David M. McQueen [309--337]
Chapter 15.
Bioconvection, by N. A. Hill [339--351]
Appendix A.
Age-structured Models, by Frederick R. Adler [353--356]
Appendix B.
Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations, by Mark A. Lewis and Hans G. Othmer, [357--380]
Appendix C.
An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, by Hans G. Othmer, [381--386]
Back matter
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