About me

I'm a sixth year PhD student in mathematics at the University of Utah interested in commutative algebra and its intersection with algebraic topology. In particular, I'm interested in using DG, simplicial, and spectral methods to understand the homological and homotopical properties of commutative rings. My advisors are Srikanth Iyengar and Ben Briggs.

I received a BS in mathematics from from FIT in Melbourne, FL, along with most of a physics degree. I also enjoy playing go, unpalatable jazz, palatable jazz, telling myself I'll learn to play the bass someday, drinking tea, and using Linux. I like trains, busses, walking, biking, and generally not being in a car.

Here is a copy of my CV


Cohomological jump loci and duality in local algebra (2023) Arxiv Mathematische Zeitschrift
with Ben Briggs and Josh Pollitz
On the realizability of the critical points of a realizable list (2017) Arxiv Linear Algebra and its Applications
with Sarah Hoover, Amber Thrall, and Pietro Paparella


The Dold Kan Theorem (2020)