Probability and Statistics in Utah

Some USBLS Employment Pay Data (as of May 2018)

National Utah
Median annual wage for Mathematicians & Statisticians (typical degree MS or higher) $87,780$70,300
Median annual wage for all workers $38,640NA

Some USBLS Employment Prospects Data

Job Title Employment, 2016 Projected Employment, 2026 Projected Growth (in %)
Mathematicians & Statisticians 40,300 53,700 33%
Total, all occupations NA NA 7%

Faculty Related to Probability and Statistics at the Math Department at Utah:

Graduate studies in Utah: link
Master's program in Statistics: link
Undergraduate Research Opportunities at the University of Utah: link
Stochastics Seminar: link

Current & Recent PhD Students:

Opportunities in Probability and Statistics:

Academic rankings:

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