Teachers' Math Circle

Schedule & Notes

All meetings will be held on the fourth floor of the LeRoy Cowles Building (LCB) at the University of Utah from 6:00-8:00pm. Free parking is available at the meters on President's Circle after 6:00pm.

September 10, Peter Trapa
Candy Sharing & Difference Boxes: Examples of Discrete Dynamical Systems

September 17, Emina Alibegovic
From polyhedra to smoother shapes

September 24, Hugo Rossi
A Way of Looking at Fibonacci Numbers

November 12, Aaron Bertram
The 15-puzzle; related notes

February 4, Troy Jones (Waterford School)
Geometry of Piles of Salt
Powerpoint slides
Geometers Sketchpad files (linked to in powerpoint slides)
Handout (pdf)
Handout with solutions (pdf)

February 11, Kevin Wortman

March 10, Davar Khoshnevisan
Good Statistics

May 19, Peter Trapa
Interpretations of the Catalan numbers;
related notes by Tom Davis

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