Macaulay2 code

On this page, I maintain some links to some Macaulay2 software I have (co-)written or been substantially involved in the writing of.

  • RationalMaps.m2 A package for studying rational maps between projective varieties. Some documentation is available here.
  • Pullback.m2 A package for pulling back in the category of rings and thus constructing non-normal rings and varieties.
  • Divisor.m2 A package for working with Weil divisors on affine and projective varieties. Some documentation is available here.
  • PosChar.m2 An early version of a package for doing computations of F-singularities within Macaulay2 (updated 6/10/2014). Here is some (slightly outdated) additional documentation in in PDF format. This is joint work with Daniel Hernandez, Moty Katzman, Sara Malec, Pedro Teixeira and Emily Witt

    Here are some smaller projects which should eventually be included in the above package.
  • Finj.m2 Code for computing whether a given ring is F-injective currently it requires the ring to be graded. This was written down with Anurag K. Singh.
  • FSplitting.m2 Code for computing the compatibly Frobenius split subvarieties of a given variety. This was done jointly with Moty Katzman