Breakfast - 1 (Western)

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Nov 9, 2013

▲ The menu from a famous chain breakfast restaurant

In Taiwan, many people eat hamburgers / sandwiches as their breakfast, plus a cup of soy milk / coffee / milk tea / or black tea.

▲ Sandwich - 1

▲ Sandwich - 2 (from

▲ Sandwich - 3 (from

▲ Hamburger - 1 (from

▲ Hamburger - 2, one of my favorite items: bacon beef burger.

▲ French toast. An item from one of my favorite breakfast restaurants in Taipei.

▲ This item contains a piece of specially made "puff pastry" and a slice of toast. It is very delicious. (from

▲ A Chinese breakfast menu.

▲ Almost every breakfast restaurant of this type sells corn egg drop soup.

▲ Chinese omelet - tuna. I also like this item very much.

Breakfast - 2 (Traditional)

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Dec 27, 2013

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A gallery of traditional Taiwanese breakfast: Link.

The typical items of a traditional Taiwanese breakfast reastaurant include Chinese steamed buns, pan-fried dumplings, rice balls, Chinese omelets, and many more. What's interesting is that a lot of breakfast restaurant of this type are called Yong-He (永和), which is the place where this kind of restaurant becoming famous in Taiwan.

▲ Chinese menu.

Breakfast - 3 (Fastfood restaurants)

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Dec 27, 2013

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KFC's breakfast meal in Taiwan.

▲ Clay oven rolls with sausage.

▲ Yes, they put the original recipe fried chicken inside. It tastes not bad, actually.

▲ Congees !?

▲ Turkey sandwiches.

KFC is not the only fastfood restaurant that sells breakfasts. Another chain fastfood restaurant from Japan, MOS burger, also sells nice breakfast meals.

▲ Sandwiches with Japanese fried pork chop.

▲ Hamburger with bacon and eggs. They also put peanut butter inside, which makes it tastes very good.

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