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Breakfast - 1 (Western)

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Nov 9, 2013

▲ The menu from a famous chain breakfast restaurant

In Taiwan, a lot of people have hamburgers as their breakfasts. The common drinks that come with a hamburger usually includes: soy milk, coffee, milk tea, or black tea.

In this type of breakfast restaurants they also do sandwiches. Taiwanese people like to put various ingredients in their sandwiches, such tomatos, cucumbers, lettuce, eggs, hams, cheese, chicken/pork/steak (stir fried, fried, grilled), salads, and so on.

▲ Sandwich - 1

▲ Sandwich - 2 (from

▲ Sandwich - 3 (from

▲ Hamburger - 1 (from

▲ Hamburger - 2, one of my favorite items: bacon beef burger.

They do not just do burgers and sandwiches.

▲ French toast. An item from one of my favorite breakfast restaurants in Taipei.

▲ This item contains a piece of specially made "puff pastry" and a slice of toast. It is AWFULLY delicious. (from

▲ A Chinese breakfast menu.

▲ Almost every breakfast restaurant of this type sells corn egg drop soup. Ingredients: black pepper, corn, egg drop, ham, butter, tropica starch.

▲ Chinese omelet - tuna. I also like this item very much.

Breakfast - 2 (Traditional)

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Dec 27, 2013

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The following links are about a Taiwanese restaurant located in California, and their food items are quite similar to the ones in Taiwan.

Traditional Taiwanese breakfast.
Traditional Taiwanese breakfast (Slideshow).

The typical items of a traditional Taiwanese breakfast reastaurant include Chinese steamed buns, pan-fried dumplings, rice balls, Chinese omelets, and many more. What's interesting is that a lot of breakfast restaurant of this type are called Yong-He (永和), which is the place where this kind of restaurant becoming famous in Taiwan.

▲ Chinese menu.

Breakfast - 3 (Fastfood restaurants)

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Dec 27, 2013

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Can you imagine KFC sells breakfasts? Yes, we do, in Taiwan. One of the slogans of KFC is "KFC breakfast, good, good, good."

▲ Clay oven rolls with sausage.

▲ Trust your eyes: yes, they put the original recipe fried chicken inside. It tastes not bad, actually.

▲ Congees !?

▲ Turkey sandwiches.

KFC is not the only fastfood restaurant that sells breakfasts. Let me introduce to you another chain fastfood restaurant from Japan, the MOS burger.

▲ Sandwiches with Japanese fried pork chop.

▲ Hamburger with bacon and eggs. They also put peanut butter inside, which makes it tastes very good.

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