Taiwanese fast food

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 1, 2014

Taiwanese fast food usually comes in the form of "bentos", and this term originates from Song (宋) dynasty in China, which means "convenience stuffs".

Typically, a Taiwanese fast food restaurant sells drumstick bento (雞腿飯), chicken cutlet bento (雞排飯), pork chop bento (豬排飯; 排骨飯), ham hock bento (豬腳飯; 蹄膀), soy-stewed pork bento (焢肉飯). And these items may be deep fried, stewed, or grilled.

▲ A menu. (http://bargains-taipei.blogspot.com/)

Since these boxed lunches are very convenient, a lot of people in Taiwan usually do these bentos for lunch during work.

▲ Grilled drumstick bento (雞腿飯) (http://www.homeping.tidi.tw/)

▲ Deep fried chicken cutlet bento (雞排飯) (www.ipeen.com.tw/)

▲ Soy-stewed pork bento (焢肉飯). The pork fat is very tasty.

Beef noodle soup restaurants

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 1, 2014

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(From wikipedia) There are a few variations of beef noodle soup which differ in the way the broth is prepared. The most popular one is braised beef noodles (紅燒牛肉麵). Braised beef noodles was reputedly invented by Kuomintang's Sichuan Province recruits who fled from mainland China to Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Therefore it is sometimes (misleadingly) referred to as "Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup" (四川牛肉麵). The red braised beef noodles is the most common type of beef noodle in Taiwan. The beef is often stewed with the broth and simmered(煨), sometimes for hours Chefs also let the stock simmer for long periods of time with bone marrow; some vendors can cook the beef stock for over 24 hours. This type of beef noodle tends to be spicy because Doubanjiang and Five-spice powder are sometimes added. However, the broth may also have a sweeter taste if the fat from the beef is simmered. There are several variations with the broth, such as spicy, tomato, garlic, and herbal medicine. The tomato variation (番茄牛肉麵) is popular in Taiwan and features chunks of tomatoes in a rich red coloured soy-tomato broth.

In Taipei, there is a "beef noodle festival", which a bunch of local beef noodle restaurants are invited for competitions.
A video about Taiwanese beef noodle soups.

▲ Beef noodle soup (braised), featuring juicy beef chunks. (http://tw.tranews.com/)

▲ Order yourself some delicious side dishes in these restaurants. (http://blog.xuite.net/sij555/)

▲ Steam dumplings are often served in these restaurants. (http://solmag.tw/)

Hot pots

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 1, 2014

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In Taiwan, two types of hot pot restaurants are commonly seen. One is all-you-can-eat hot pot restaurant, The other is mini hot pot restaurant.

A video introducing all-you-can-eat hot pot restaurant (USD 10 - 20):   Link

▲ Hot pot is an irresistible food. (http://www.gomag.com.tw/)

Small hot pot is a good choice for individuals. ($3 - $4 USD)

▲ Small hot pots. (http://www.web66.com.tw/)

Taiwanese stir-fried restaurants

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 1, 2014

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▲ The menu. (http://vidgaying.pixnet.net/)

▲ Stir fried beef with green onions (蔥爆牛肉). (http://vidgaying.pixnet.net/)

▲ Stir fried clams with basil (炒海瓜子).

▲ Sauteed Pork and squid with dried bean curds and celery (客家小炒).

▲ Chopped cold chicken (白斬雞) (http://www.ipeen.com.tw/).

▲ Stir-fried Bird-nest Fern with sesame oil (麻油炒山蘇) (http://kukumei.pixnet.net/).

▲ Fried egg tofu (老皮嫩肉).

▲ These restaurants serve beers. Heinekens are also available. (http://www.ipeen.com.tw/)

All-you-can-eat buffets

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 1, 2014

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There are various types of all-you-can-eat restaurants in Taiwan. The hot pot restaurant I just mentioned is one of them. Usually a high class buffet in Taiwan serves a combination of Chinese cuisines, Japanese cuisines, and western cuisines, and more. ($20 - $30 USD / person)

▲ Suchi bars. (http://www.mokafun.com/)

▲ All kinds of Japanese tempuras. (http://netpp.blogspot.com/)

▲ Slow grilled beef. (http://netpp.blogspot.com/)

▲ Seafood collections - 1. (http://vickymavincentpa.pixnet.net/)

▲ Seafood collections - 2. (http://vickymavincentpa.pixnet.net/)

▲ Comfortable dininig areas. (http://rmlove30.pixnet.net/)

▲ Various food selections - 1

▲ Various food selections - 2 (http://food.eztable.com/)

▲ Fruits and dessets. (http://vickymavincentpa.pixnet.net/)

Western cuisine in Taiwan

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 1, 2014

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Here I'll introduce some popular chain restaurants in Taiwan. They offer delicious set meals ( $20 - $40 USD / meal). An example menu:

TASTy restaurant

Traditional Chinese cuisine in Taiwan

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 1, 2014

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There're 8 famous branches of Chinese cuisine, classified according to where these dishes are originated from.

In Taiwan, Szechuan and Cantonese restaurants are more common, and Fujian cusine is already incorporated into Taiwanese cusine, since a lot of Taiwanese people are immigrated here from Fujian county in China 300 - 400 years ago.

The flavors of some dishes were adjusted based on local people's tastes, and some of the dishes were "created" by Taiwanese people. For example, in many Szechuan restaurants, you may order a dish called "Fifth watch spicy fire pot", the ingredients including duck bloods and pig intestines, which is kind of close to the dish "mao xue wang" in Szechuan province in China. But "Fifth watch spicy fire pot" is not available in China. Therefore, if you want to do some really authentic Chinese food, plan a trip to China instead.

Szechuan cuisine in Taiwan

▲ Chinese menu - 1 (http://wenzai.pixnet.net/)

▲ Chinese menu - 2 (http://superp.pixnet.net/)

▲ Gongbao chicken (宮保雞丁) (http://superp.pixnet.net/)

▲ Eggplants with garlic sauce (魚香茄子) (http://wenzai.pixnet.net/)

Cantonese cuisine (粵菜) in Taiwan

▲ Salted shrimps (鹽焗蝦) (http://forum.pchome.com.tw/)

▲ Deep-fried boneless duck with taro stuffing (芋泥香酥鴨) (http://forum.pchome.com.tw/)

▲ Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce(蠔油芥蘭) (http://blog.xuite.net/oilking168/)

Hunan cuisine (湘菜) in Taiwan

The menu (with English) of 1010 Hunan cuisine

Hangbang cuisine (杭幫菜) in Taiwan

▲ Chinese menu - 1 (http://poetry.pixnet.net/)

▲ Chinese menu - 2 (http://poetry.pixnet.net/)

▲ Stir-fried crab claws with chili sauce (醬辣石蟹鉗) (http://blog.xuite.net/jerome1103)

▲ Braised codfish with tofu (砂鍋魚頭豆腐) (http://blog.xuite.net/jerome1103)

▲ Deep-fried beancurd skin roll stuffed with shrimp and minced pork (腐皮鮮蝦捲)

▲ Steamed sweetened cream with coconut milk bun (黃金流沙包)

Japanese restaurants

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 2, 2014

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There're several types of Japanese restaurants. Let me list a few: (1) Ramen house (2) Yakiniku (燒肉) restaurants (3) Japanese porkchop restaurants (4) Traditional Japanese restaurants (5) Kaiten Sushi restaurants (旋轉壽司).

Ramen house

▲ My favorite ramen house in Taipei. (http://purinpei.pixnet.net/)

▲ Their fried chicken ramen. (www.ipeen.com.tw/)

▲ Roast pork cutlet ramen. (http://copee416.pixnet.net/)

Yakiniku (燒肉) restaurants

▲ Japanese BBQ in Taiwan - 1 (Chinese Menu). (http://www.ipeen.com.tw/)

▲ Japanese BBQ in Taiwan - 2. (http://www.look2.com.tw/)

▲ Japanese BBQ in Taiwan - 3. (http://www.ipeen.com.tw/)

▲ Japanese BBQ in Taiwan - 4. (http://235.tw.tranews.com/)

Japanese porkchop restaurants

▲ Anzu porkchop restaurant. (http://kidday.pixnet.net/)

▲ Juicy and very delicious deep-fried porkchops. (http://kidday.pixnet.net/)

▲ Deep-fried oysters. (http://changfong.pixnet.net/)

▲ Porkchops and shrimps. (http://changfong.pixnet.net/)

Traditional Japanese restaurants

In a traditional Japanese restaurant, all kinds of Japanese foods are provided. Those foods include sushis, salads, hot pots, tempuras, hand rolls, BBQs.

▲ Hand rolls. (http://www.momoya.com.tw/)

▲ Grilled mackerels. (http://www.momoya.com.tw/)

▲ Tempuras. (http://www.momoya.com.tw/)

Kaiten Sushi restaurants (旋轉壽司)

The menu (with English) of a famous chain restaurant featuring Kaiten Sushis.

▲ Kaiten Sushi. (http://www.ipeen.com.tw)

Korean restaurants

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 1, 2014

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Some commoly seen items of a Korean restaurant in Taiwan include: small side dishes, seafood pancake, kimchi tofu soup, bibimbap, BBQ.

▲ Bibimbap and side dishes. (http://0283691302.tw.tranews.com/)

▲ Seafood pancake. (http://0283691302.tw.tranews.com/)

▲ Kimchi tofu soup. (http://0283691302.tw.tranews.com/)

Thai / Vietnamese restaurants

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 2, 2014

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Nowadays in Taiwan there're many foreign workers and foreign brides from south east Asia, and they bring their food cultures when they come. Some Thai food and Vietnamese food photos are attached.

Thai food

▲ Moon shrimp pancakes. (月亮蝦餅) (This dish is "invented" here, not a traditional Thai dish, but it is very popular in Taiwan) (http://portable.easylife.tw/)

▲ Thai Style Hot & Spicy Chicken. (椒麻雞) (http://072614907.tw.tranews.com/)

▲ Kra Prao Moo. (打拋豬) (http://portable.easylife.tw/)

▲ Steamed Lemon Fish. (http://portable.easylife.tw/)

▲ Tom Yum Goong. (泰式酸辣湯) (http://life.chinatimes.com/)

Vietnamese food

Vietnamese food in Taiwan usually comes in the form of "small eats".

▲ Vietnamese rice noodles. (越式河粉) (http://gourmet.homeycat.tw/)

▲ Vietnamese spring rolls. (越式春捲)(http://blog.xuite.net/hsin66.wang/)

Vegetarian restaurants

Posted by Shiu-Tang Li on Jan 2, 2014

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Many vegetarian restaurants in Taiwan are cafeterias. For non-vegetarian restaurants, additional meal options for vegetarians are usually available. There're also some restaurants providing delicate set meals for vegetarians, or providing high class buffets.

Many Taiwanese do veggies for healty reasons or religious reasons. And doing veggies occasionally may save the lives of animals and is considered a green behavior.

▲ My favorite chain vegeterian restaurant in Taiwan - 1. (http://appleapplecat.pixnet.net/)

▲ My favorite chain vegeterian restaurant in Taiwan - 2. (http://appleapplecat.pixnet.net/)

▲ Veggie buffet - 1. (http://changfong.pixnet.net/)

▲ Veggie buffet - 2. (http://changfong.pixnet.net/)

▲ Veggie buffet - 3. (http://changfong.pixnet.net/)

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