Minimal surfaces
via complex analysis.
Maple Procedures and
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Lecture notes:
    minimal.pdf   Minimal surfaces made with complex analysis.

Maple Procedures. The files ending in ".mws" are Maple worksheets. Save them to your directory or computer, and open them from Maple. If you want to see what's in these files without opening Maple, read the ".ps" or ".pdf" versions.
    gaussmap1.mws   Study the triple composition (St)oUoX for conformal minimal surfaces  

    WEreps.mws   Use the Weierstrass-Enneper procedure to construct minimal surfaces from (easy) analytic data.  

    History of Math Site   Look up your favorite historical mathematicians.

Internet Links for minimal surfaces and surfaces on constant mean curvature:
    GANG  The center for Geometry, Analysis, Numerics and Graphics, at the University of Massachusetts Amherst
      constant mean curvature surfaces at GANG
      minimal surfaces at GANG
    SGP  The Scientific Graphics Project at the Math Sciences Research Institute, Berkelely California
      minimal surfaces index at SGP.   Minimal surfaces made out of lego - no kidding!

References: The paper by David Hoffman is a prize winner!
    D. Hoffman, "New Embedded Minimal Surfaces," Mathematical Intelligencer 9#3 (1987), 8-21.
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