Differential Equations
Math 2250-4
Spring 2011
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Logistics: Math 2250-4 meets MTWF 10:45 - 11:35 a.m., in LCB 219. If you are enrolled in this lecture class then you are also enrolled one of the two Thursday sections 2250-5 (LCB 219, 10:45-11:35) or 2250-6 (LCB 219, 11:50-12:40) which will be run by Victor Camacho. On two of these Thursdays (February 17 and March 31) you will take your midterm exams.
I hold office hours MWF 2:30-3:20, in my office LCB 204. If you need to see me outside of these times, we can set up an appointment. (You're free to drop by my office whenever you want, but I'll chase you away if I'm busy.) My office phone number is 801-581-7318 and my email address is korevaar "at" math.utah.edu.

This page is located at http://www.math.utah.edu/~korevaar/2250spring11

Prerequisites: Grades of at least ``C'' in Math 1210-1220 (or 1250-1260 or 1270-1280, i.e. single-variable calculus). You are also expected to have learned about vectors and parametric curves (Math 2210 or Physics 2210 or 3210). Practically speaking, you are better prepared for this course if you've had multivariable calculus (1260, 1280, 2210, or equivalent), and if your grades in the prerequisite course were above the "C" level.

Text:  Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, by C. Henry Edwards and David E Penney. ISBN=9780558141066 (custom edition).

Course details: This 2250-4 syllabus  contains detailed course information: information about our class, including a course outline, grading policy, exam dates, expected schedule etc.

Class lecture notes are in this directory.
The homework page  contains assignments (and solutions, after you hand them in).
The exam page   contains review material, practice exams, and actual exams and solutions after you take them.

2250fall08  is my directory from the last time I taught this course, in fall 2008. You can get a good idea of how I plan to teach the current class by looking at that page and its links.