2250 8:05am WEB 1230 Revised Due Dates S2015


Changes to due dates are posted here. They are extensions of the tentative due dates. Postponements are caused by a snow day or an unforseen event.

The book supplements are sections 3.7 and 7.6 from any edition of the 2280 book, Edwards-Penney Boundary Value Problems, available for checkout from the math center. Available as PDF files from Professor Korevaar [Google search "EP3.7.pdf" and "EP7.6.pdf"]:
Section 3.7 EP3.7.pdf HERE
Section 7.6 EP7.6.pdf HERE

1.2-2: This is the first homework problem. A copy is submitted for review on Jan 14 and returned ungraded with style comments on Jan 16; details Here

If you registered late or missed the Jan 14 deadline, then please send email and submit exercise 1.2-2 as soon as possible, in class or under the door of office JWB 113.

1.3-8: Print and use the graphic Here.


Tentative Due Dates
All S2015 textbook exercises in one PDF file HERE
Book mark for all 620 exercises (138 graded, 130 counted) HERE
Homework stapled packages are due the next Wednesday following the week in
which they are assigned. Please note the last week of the semester
exception: HW15 due Tuesday May 5 (final week), under the door JWB 113 by 6pm.

Homework HW1 due Wednesday, Week 2, Jan 21.
Homework HW2 due Wednesday, Week 3, Jan 28.
Homework HW3 due Wednesday, Week 4, Feb 4.
Homework HW4 due Wednesday, Week 5, Feb 11.
Homework HW5 due Wednesday, Week 6, Feb 18.
Homework HW6 due Wednesday, Week 7, Feb 25.
Homework HW7 due Wednesday, Week 8, Mar 4.
Homework HW8 due Wednesday, Week 9, Mar 11.
Homework HW9 due after Spring Break, Week 11, Mar 25.
Homework HW 10, Quiz 10, Lab 10 do not exist. Spring Break.
   Mar 14-22 is Spring Break. No classes. No HW due in Week 10.
Homework HW11 due Wednesday, Week 12, Apr 1.
Homework HW12 due Wednesday, Week 13, Apr 8.
Homework HW13 due Wednesday, Week 14, Apr 15.
Homework HW14 due Wednesday, Week 15, Apr 22.
Homework HW15 due by Tuesday May 5, under the door JWB 113 by 5pm.
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