Engineering Math Fall 2009

3150 11:50am MW in LCB 225, Fall 2009
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3150 Announcements

  • Computer record with rank in class and complete dailies Exams 1,2, Final exam and all dailies record, posted 25 December
  • Computer record with rank in class Exams 1,2, Final exam and Dec 6 dailies record, posted 18 December
  • Computer record available Exams and dailies record 6 December
  • Sample Exam 2 and Sample Exam 3 == Final Exam are available.
  • Exam 1 is scheduled for the last Tuesday of October.
  • Exam 2 is scheduled for the first Tuesday of December.
  • Exam 3 == Final Exam is scheduled by the University for 18 December. You may take it earlier, 10-11 December, time arranged.
  • There will be for Exam 2 a block of time 3-5pm on Tuesday. To get a 2-hour time block, the exam is not at class time. If you do not fit into this time slot, then we'll arrange another Tuesday time, between 7:30am and 3pm.

    3150 Due Dates, Problem Notes, Reading, Maple Projects and Extra Credit

    1. Updated due dates 3150 Changes in due dates for submitted work
    2. Problems, Extra credit, problem notes and FAQ 3150 Problems to be submitted F2009 (pdf)
      The problems are independent of any textbook. References to Edwards-Penney DE and BVP and all editions of Asmar PDE and BVP, which are available in the math library and also the Math Center [JWB and LCB].
    3. Reading (2k text)

    3150 Lecture Notes, Slides and References

    1. Computer slides and documents
      Notebook computer lecture slides [current]

    3150 Midterm and Final Exams

  • Sample exam 1, from Zhu's 3150 course. With solutions.
    Zhu's Exam 1, F2007
  • Sample exam 1, from this 3150 course. No solutions.
    Gustafson's Exam 1 sample, F2009
    Error corrected in problem 3: force conditions f(0)=f(2 pi)=f(-2 pi)=0.
  • Exam 1, from this 3150 course. No solutions.
    Gustafson's Exam 1, F2009
  • Sample exam 2, from this 3150 course. No solutions.
    Gustafson's Exam 2 sample, F2009
  • Exam 2 with Solutions, from this 3150 course F2009
    Josh Bailey's Exam 2 solutions F2009
  • Sample Final Exam, from this 3150 course. No solutions.
    Gustafson's Final Exam sample F2009
    Same pdf file as the exam 2 sample. The final exam sample is appended to the exam 2 sample.
  • Final Exam with Solutions, from this 3150 course F2009
    Final exam F2009 with solutions

    3150 Syllabus, Gradesheet, Reports

    1. Gustafson's 3150 syllabus F2009. syllabus (110K pdf)
    2. The textbook for the course is Asmar, most recent edition. Asmar's student solution manual for this edition can be found here: Student Solutions
      Edwards-Penney DE and BVP is a useful but incomplete reference - it extends topics in DE and Linear Algebra, the 2250 book written by these authors.
    3. 3150 format suggestions for reports How to improve your written work. Writing reports. ( 25K pdf)
    4. How to do maple graphics using a modem or dsl Low speed internet and maple graphics (3.8K txt)

    Maple Tutorials and Maplesoft offer

    1. Maplesoft Quick Reference Cards Click Here
    2. Douglas Meade's Quick Reference Card for Maple 12 Click Here
    3. A rookie maple tutorial for the impatient from Indiana University Click Here
    4. Angie Gardiner tutorial source. Save to local disk and launch it in maple. Save file (.mws) [usually right click]
    5. Details for maple 12 and 13 under unix, windows, OS/X How to use maple 12 (2k text)

    Mail address:
            Grant B. Gustafson
            155 South 1400 East Room 233
            Salt Lake City, UT 84112-0090
    Office phone: (801) 581-6879

    For email address, see class notes or click here for the doorcard.

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