Jon Chaika

Jon Chaika
University of Utah
Department of Mathematics, 203
155 S 1400 E RM 233
Salt Lake City, UT, 84112-0090
Email: chaika at math dot utah dot edu

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Every transformation is disjoint from almost every IET (Annals of Mathematics 2012)
Shrinking targets for IETs (Geometric and Functional Analysis 2011)
There exists a topologically mixing IET (Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 2012)
Schrödinger operators defined by interval exchange transformations (with D. Damanik and H. Krüger) (Journal of Modern Dynamics April 2009)
Hausdorff dimension for ergodic measures of interval exchange transformations (Journal of Modern Dynamics July 2008)
Borel-Cantelli Sequences (with M. Boshernitzan) (Journal d'Analyse Mathematique 2012)
The distribution of gaps for saddle connection directions (with J. Athreya) (Geometric and Functional Analysis 2012)
Diophantine properties of IETs and general systems: Quantitative proximality and connectivity (with M. Boshernitzan) (Inventiones mathematicae 2013)
Skew products over rotations with exotic properties (Geometriae Dedicata 2014)
Winning games for bounded geodesics in Teichmueller discs (with Y. Cheung and H. Masur) (Journal of Modern Dynamics 2013)
Appendix C of Right-angled billiards and volumes of moduli spaces of quadratic differentials on $\mathbb{C}P^1$ (paper by J. Athreya, A. Eskin and A. Zorich) (submitted)
A smooth mixing flow on a surface with non-degenerate fixed points (with A. Wright)
Quantitative shrinking targets for rotations, IETs and billiards in rational polygons (with D. Constantine)
Omega recurrence in cocycles (with D. Ralston) (Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems 2014)
Every transformation is disjoint from almost every non-classical exchange (with V. Gadre) (Geometriae Dedicata 2014)
Ergodic homogeneous multidimensional continued fraction algorithms (with A. Nogueira)
Every flat surface is Birkhoff and Osceledets generic in almost every direction (with A. Eskin) (Journal of Modern Dynamics 2014)
Topological mixing for some residual sets of interval exchange transformations (with J. Fickenscher) (Communications in Mathematical Physics 2015)
The Hausdorff dimension of nonuinquely ergodic directions in H(2) is almost everywhere 1/2 (with J. Athreya) (submitted)
On the Hausdorff dimensions of a singular ergodic measure for some minimal interval exchange transformations
The densest sequence in the unit circle (with M. Boshernitzan)
On the Frequency of Balanced Times in Cylinder Flows (with D. Ralston)
[0,1] is not a Minimality Detector for [0,1]^2
A theorem on accepted elasticity in certain local arithmetical congruence monoids (with M. Banister, S. Chapman and W. Meyerson) ( Abh. Math. Semin. Univ. Hambg. 2009)
On a result of James and Niven concerning unique factorization in congruence semigroups (with M. Banister, S. Chapman and W. Meyerson) (Elem. Math. 62 2007)
On the arithmetic of arithmetical congruence monoids (with M. Banister, S. Chapman and W. Meyerson) ( Colloq. Math. 2007)
On the Minkowski Diagonal Function for two real numbers. (with I. Kan and N. Moshchevitin) (Diophantine analysis and related fields 2011)

Max Dehn Seminar
Stochastics seminar
Evelyn Lamb

Teaching: Math 6210 Real Analysis

I gratefully acknowledge the support of NSF and the Warnock fund. The views expressed here are of course my own.