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This document, and the file directory in which it resides, is under active construction, and has not been officially announced. Its contents may be subject to radical changes for a while.

Recent publications of Nelson H. F. Beebe

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NB: Unless there is significant demand for alternate document formats, all of the publications linked to here are provided only in hypertext-linked Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), which should be supported by most modern Web browsers via the Adobe Acrobat Reader program (external to the browser, or as a plugin). PostScript files for printing are trivially made from Acrobat Reader.

Most of my professional literary production is in the form of a large body of computer software and software documentation, the BibNet Project bibliography archive, and a huge collection of bibliographic data covering numerical analysis, electronic document production, fonts, typesetting and typography, and broad areas of computer science.

The following list is still incomplete, until scans of the original documents can be completed to obtain electronic versions.