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Research Experience for Undergraduates

Past REU Programs: 2001-2006

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program at the Department of Mathematics supports active research participation by undergraduate students in mathematical areas of research.

At present, there are two models for participating in the REU program: independent projects and group programs.

Independent projects usually involve a faculty mentor working with an undergraduate on a specific topic or problem. Students apply to the program at the beginning of each semester. Throughout the semester the student and mentor work together, usually meeting once a week to discuss the topic, find relevant journal articles, or to work on specific problems. At the end of the semester, the REU student produces a final report detailing their research findings.

Group programs occur exclusively in the summer. A faculty member will choose a topic that will be studied throughout the program. Students apply during Spring semester. A group of 8 - 12 students is chosen. They work together with the faculty member and graduate student assistants to investigate the topic.

The REUs are intended to venture outside of the foundational material that makes up the average undergraduate's mathematical education. It is wise for a student intending to start an REU to have completed at least Calculus III. Consulting with faculty members can help a student determine the appropriate courses needed to start on a specific topic.
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