VIGRE2 Vertical Intergration of Research and Education Department of Mathematics, University of Utah








The Utah MESA/STEP (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement/Science Technology Engineering) Program is a nonprofit consortium composed of higher education institutions, business and industrial partners, public school districts, government agencies and community organizations.

The objectives of the Utah MESA/STEP program are numerous, but the primary goal is to increase the number of underserved ethnic minority and all female students who pursue course work, advanced study and possible careers in mathematics, engineering, and science.

MESA "clubs" have been established at numerous Utah middle and high schools, usually directed by a mathematics or science teacher from the school. The clubs provide a host of services and activities for participating students, including field trips, activities with other groups, academic and career advising, and tutoring and mentoring. Over 3000 Utah secondary school students currently participate in MESA programs.

VIGRE graduate and REU students will serve as MESA mentors. The goal is to provide MESA students with role models and personal contacts, and to get students motivated and considering studies and careers in mathematics at an early age.