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The Lucent Technologies Inc. PORT Library

PORT is a large library of general numerical software.

Last update: Sat Nov 17 16:24:40 2001

Comments, and reports of errata or bugs, are welcome via e-mail to the author, Nelson H. F. Beebe <>. In your report, please supply the full document URL, and the title and Last update time stamp recorded near the top of the document.

The University of Utah Mathematics Department has licensed the PORT Library from Lucent Technologies Inc.

Because this software is proprietary and under license, its documentation is made available only in the form of local URLs: if you are visiting this site from remote computer systems, you will not be able to follow most of these links.

Table of contents

Documentation for PORT

The Lucent Technologies Inc. PORT Library provides support for

A master index of functions is also available, together with a permuted index (sometimes called a KWIC (KeyWord In Context) index) in PDF and PostScript form.

For an overview of the PORT library, visit the .pdf or .ps form of the library introduction.

Linking with locally-installed libraries

Fortran code can be linked with the PORT library like this:

    f77 -o fcode fcode.f -L/usr/local/lib -lport

Related libraries: EISPACK, MINPACK, LINPACK, and LAPACK

Related libraries include EISPACK (for matrix eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and singular-value decompositions), MINPACK (for function minimization and least-squares solutions), LINPACK (for linear equations, least-squares, and singular-value decomposition), and LAPACK (for linear equations, least-squares, singular-value decomposition, and eigenvalue/eigenvector solution).

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