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 >> Please type a Space instead of a "T".

   Typing a space prints ten more lines.  Space is useful if you think a
 node might be interesting  but you aren't sure.   After the ten  lines,
 you can keep typing spaces and get ten more lines each.  The first time
 you read this node, do it by  typing a Space each time printing  stops.
 When you get fewer than 10 lines  from one Space, you have reached  the
 end of the node.

   If after typing one  or more Spaces  you decide you  want to see  the
 whole node, "T" will print the rest, from where the Spaces left off.

   Space might also be useful for you  if "T" makes text scroll off  the
 top of your screen before you can read it all.  In that case, you might
 prefer to use Space all the time, and never "T".

   In order to make this node long enough for Space to be different from
 "T", it's necessary  to tell  you here  about a  related command,  "B",
 which means to move to the Beginning  of the node you are in.  After  a
 "B", the next Space or "T" command will start from the beginning of the
 node again.

 >> Now type a "B" and then another  Space.  Then type a "B" and a  "T".
 Experiment with these  commands until  you are sure  what sequences  of
 them will do.  Then type an "N" to move on in the course.