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 The "P" Command.

   The "P"  command  moves  to  the Previous  node.   This  node  has  a
 Previous, as is listed  in the header; it  is Help-Printing, which  you
 came from  with  Next.   Next  and Previous  usually  run  in  opposite
 directions like this  but not always;  whatever it says  in the  header
 line is the truth.

   When you try  the "P"  command, it will  print the  header and  title
 which you already saw, which will  say "Please type T".  But you  don't
 have to type "T" again.  Just type an "N" to come back here and another
 "N" to move on.

 >> Now type "P"  for Previous.  When  you get there,  type "N" to  come
 back here and another "N" to move  on to this node's Next node.   After
 each "P" and "N" you should think  about the header and title that  are
 printed to make sure you understand what is happening.  When you get to
 node Help-Print-Space, which will be new to you, you should follow  the
 directions in the title line.