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 Please type "T".  Just one character; no CR after it.

   You are talking to  a program INFO,  used for reading  documentation.
 INFO documentation files are structured  into units called "Nodes".   A
 node usually contains information on a particular topic at a particular
 level of detail, and names of other related nodes.  The purpose of  the
 INFO program is to help you move from one node to another.

   This node contains the  beginning of the course  on how to use  INFO.
 This is a form  of programmed instruction in  which the text will  tell
 you how to use INFO commands to continue reading the text.  ">>" in the
 left margin will be  used to mark directions  which should be  followed

   The "T" command which you typed told INFO to type the entire contents
 of the node, which is  what it is now doing.   Because you are using  a
 printing terminal (or so the system believes), when you first move to a
 node INFO will print only the first four lines, as it did.  To see  the
 rest, you must type "T".  The  intention is that from those four  lines
 you will get an idea of whether you want to see all the rest.

   The top line of  a node is its  "Header".  This node's header,  which
 said "File: INFO Node: Help-Printing    Next:  Help-Print-P"  in   case
 it's off your screen now) says that it is the node named  Help-Printing
 in the file "INFO".  It says that  the Next node after this one is  the
 node called "Help-Print-P".  An  advanced INFO command  lets you go  to
 any node whose name you know.

   Besides a "Next", a node can have  a "Previous" or an "Up".  You  can
 tell that this node doesn't have either of those, because there is none
 visible in the header.

   The line that follows that Header  is called the Title.  This  node's
 title is peculiar in  that it gives the  directions "Please type  'T'",
 but most nodes' titles just say what the node is about.

   Now it's  time to  move from  this node  to the  Next one,  which  is
 Help-Printing-Space.  To do that, type "N" for Next.  INFO will look in
 the header to find which node is next after this one and then go there.

 >> Type "N".  After the header and title are printed, type "T" again.