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 How to stop a "T" from typing if you lose interest.

   If you issue a "T"  command and then find that  the node is long  and
 you have lost  interest, you need  not wait  for it to  stop.  You  can
 instead type ^G (Control-G).  The terminal's bell should ring, printing
 will stop  more or  less  immediately, and  you  can then  issue  other
 commands.  If you change your mind  again you can type another "T",  or
 Spaces, and printing will resume from a little before where it stopped.

 >> This node isn't long enough to practice on, and the previous one is.
 So type "P" to go there and "T", then type Control-G when you feel like
 it.  If the bell doesn't ring and printing doesn't stop, you typed  the
 wrong character, so keep trying.  If necessary, type "B" and "T" to get
 more chance to practice.   When done, type two  "N"'s to come back  and
 move on.