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 Retracing Steps with the "L" Command.

   If you have been moving around to different nodes and wish to retrace
 your steps, the "L" command ("L" for "Last") will do that, one node  at
 a time.  If you have been following directions, an "L" command now will
 get you back to Help-Pr-M.  Another L command would undo the U and  get
 you back to Help-Pr-FOO.  Another L would  undo the M and get you  back
 to Help-Pr-M.

   Note the difference between L and P: L moves to where YOU last  were,
 whereas P  always  moves to  the  node which  the  Header says  is  the
 "Previous" node (from this node, to Help-M).

   The place to start looking for  any topic, if you know nothing  else,
 is the directory node of INFO, which is the one you saw the header  and
 title of  when you  started INFO.   This node  has a  menu which  leads
 (directly, or indirectly through  other menus), to  all the nodes  that
 exist.  You can go there  ar any time to start  looking for a topic  by
 typing "D" for Directory.

 >> Try typing three L's,  pausing in between to  see what each L  does.
 You should end up at Help-Pr-M.  The header will show you then that you
 can use "N" to come  back to here, Help-Pr-L Then  type a "D" to go  to
 the directory and come back here with "L".  Then move on with "N".  You
 know enough to look around at the directory now, but please resist  the
 temptation to do so until the end of the course (which is soon).