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 Congratulations on learning how to use "M".

   This node is the first one you have seen that has an Up (look at  the
 header).  It also has no Next  or Previous, unlike the others.  The  Up
 is none other than Help-Pr-M, which is the node that contains the  menu
 that you got here through.  This  is the usual convention; menus  point
 "down" and each place you can get  to through the menu points back  Up.
 Previous, on the other hand, is usually used to mean "go backwards  but
 stay at the same level".  Often the subnodes in one menu will be linked
 among themselves with Next and Previous.

 But again, there are exceptions, and  you should look at the header  to
 be sure what "N", "P" and "U" ought to do.

 >> Now type "U" to go back Up to Help-Pr-M.  Then "N" to move on.